Order of the Flaming Blade

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Order of the Flaming Blade
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Quote: "Strength and Honour"
Faction Type Knightly Order devoted to a Deity (Not noble Knights)
Heraldry Red, Gold and Black/Shadow/Pure Black
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Leader Warlord Calin Katar
Formed While back
Disbanded N/A
Races Any
Allegiances Tempus, Red Knight, Valkur, Uthgar
Alignment LG,CG,LN,CN,LE
Enemies Banites, Cyricians, Garagosians, Slavers, Any who attack Non-Combatants
Affiliations Bendir Dale
Former Affiliations None
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Location Sanctuary of the Sword
Religion Tempus, Red Knight, Valkur, Uthgar
Status Alive

General Description

A group devoted to the advancement of War and Battle. Their patron god is Tempus, but they also accept the Red Knight, Valkur and Uthgar. They value Strength, Honour and Martial Skills above all else.

In-depth Description

The Order of the Flaming Blade, also known as War Knights. Are a group devoted to the dogma of Tempus, the advancement of war, and the upholding of the concept known as Warriors Honour. The War Knights have a long history on the isle of Amia, dating back to the founder and first warlord Vashen Dirge. The Order's members have always stood up against Tyranny and have had several historical clashes with the Church of Bane. Their first base was the in the Mercenary Encampment. A small and modest temple devoted to Tempus and acting as lodgings for members of the group.

War Knight of the Order of the Flaming Blade
After years of operating out of this hold, it was finally destroyed by the undoer during an epic clash with the Banites on home soil. The former hold was instead abandoned by Order of Warlord Calin Katar, and a new fortress for the members of the War Knights has recently be constructed.

The War Knights have, and continue to have, a long standing good relationship with many factions & cities on the isle of Amia. Most particularly is that of Bendir Dale, home to the hin's, and a long time ally of the War Knights.

Former Warlords

  • Vashen Dirge (Founder)
  • Moltiner Gashon
  • Crunch Stormbeard
  • Calin Katar
  • Tellos Greaves
  • Malatril Bannilyth (current)

Founding Members

  • Vashen Dirge,
  • Mashak,
  • Moltiner Gashon,
  • Kharn Sedreed,
  • Caelianna Na'fairel (formerly Vyasa Thyranis - Dirge)