Platinum Sentinels

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Platinum Sentinels
[Bahamut's Holy Symbol]px
The North Wind welcomes all who bow before his greatness.
Faction Type Religious Order
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Leader The Pillars
Formed 1380 DR
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Races Any
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Alignment Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, & Neutral Good
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Location Kohlingen
Religion Bahamut
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What Say We?

The North Wind welcomes all who bow before his greatness.

The Structure

The Platinum Sentinels offer fellowship for Bahamut worshipers. The Sentinels have located themselves in Kohlingen. They are not affliated with the Platinum Knights. The Sentinels are not an order of knights; they are a religious order of faithful worshipers of Bahamut.

There are five pillars within the Sentinels. The pillars are what uphold the foundation the Platinum Sentinels have been built upon: Faith, Strength, Discipline, Protection, and Compassion. These pillars represent the five points of the North Star, the very star depicted over the nebula in Bahamut's holy symbol.

Active Members

Daniel Rashka, Gabe Sten, Kazunae, Regina Caeli, Saul Fisherman, Yashan Kyoshi, Jake, & Larry.

Former Members