Prescia Gemfinder

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Prescia Gemfinder

Prescia Gemfinder
Quote: Coin knows no alignment.
Race Lightfoot Halfling
Gender Female
Age 14
Height 2'8", 22lbs
Hair Green
Eyes Blue
Alignment True Neutral
Classes Bard
Favoured Weapon Kiss of Gold (Hin Scimitar)
Affiliations And Titles Member of the ACTF,
The Pristine Voice,
The Green-haired Witch of Bendir Dale,
Treasurer of the Society of Antiquiries
Current Residence Bendir Dale
Religion Sheela Peryroyl
Languages Common,
Interests Cantomancy,
Artifact Collection
Player Dramatic_Prince


Born to Tito Gemfinder and Priscilla Gemfinder nee Brandyford in DR 1361 to a family of merchants in Uthmere, The Great Dale. The Gemfinders are the owners of several gem mines in Aglarond and Damara. Gem and jewelry trade is their main business, though the family has dealings in several other trades.

Prescia was assigned to the island of Amia in DR 1375 by the family patriach, her Grandfather, Toto Gemfinder, to establish a branch of the family's business.


Grumbles(Lesser Stone Golem)

Prescia's first golem. Named Grumbles because of his constant grumbling when asked to perform any manual task.

Chuckles(Armour Golem)

An armour golem of gnomish design. He has a smiley face painted on his helmet.

After joining the Amian Trade Federation, while currently trying to establish trade routes into the desert region, Prescia realised the need for a reliable bodyguard to protect her from bandits and monsters that spawn in uncharted territories. With that goal in mind, she contracted the gnomes in Forstakkr to modify a golem device in her possession. The result was an artifact which contained, within itself, a small pocket dimension with a self-maintenance bay, about 15 square feet, for one mechanical golem.

Aegis(Shield Guardian)

With the advent of the Urdlen invasion into Malar lands and the increasing frequency of earthquakes around the lands of Bendir Dale, the resident hin have been at a state of heightened alert, preparing to deal with what seems to be a hostile power.

Prescia, in a bid to contribute to the defense of the Dale and its residents, as well as to protect the businesses she has built, has commissioned Wesley Fletcher, resident Construct Thaumaintenance Specialist for the Mystran Monolith, to create a specially fortified Shield Guardian.

The cost: 265,000 gold and 800 lbs of refined Adamantine Bars.


-Prescia's natural hair colour is light gold.
-She is the 7th of 12 siblings.
-Her voice can reach 165dB.
-She has in her possession an Amulet of Perpetual Youth, which attributes to her agelessness.