Quagmire Lizardmen

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From "Taer'feins guide to surface wildlife"


"Swamps and bogland of Amia's nothwest, called Quagmires, are inhabited by tribes of lizardfolk. These reptiles stand impressive seven feet tall, with over two hundred pound bulk set onto upright pair of legs and long tail. Their bodies are covered in green or brown scales, while strong and fearsome, they do not seem to be too bright. They come into two varieties, and are sometimes accompanied by tamed Doom Spiders."


"Most common in warbands seem to warriors. Usually tallest few of the group armed with primitive spears dripping with strong acid. Before combat they will try to intimidate foes by horrid howls that can be heard echoing trough the mire. It was witnessed such can set even bravest warriors into dead run. It is also common that those in blind flight to be ran into ambush set by another warband deeper into the marsh. Protective items and enchantments, or stout drink like Duergar Ale are recommended for fighting these."


"Smaller lizards of warbands are usually mystics wielding powers of their gods. They also seem to be smarter ones in the groups as they tend to maintain several enchantments on them at all times. However, there were examples without such. They are armed with whips and might try to disarm opponents after they have relinquished their magical arsenal. So far, following enchantments and curses were seen used:

  • Barkskin: Enchantment granting the wielder protection from blows and arrows alike. Toughening already formidable hide of lizardfolk even more.
  • Endure elements: Another enchantment helping one warded to withstand extreme elements exposure. Fire spells seem to have little effect upon those protected in this way for example.
  • Stoneskin: This problematic enchantment provides an small layer of stone that will reduce damage inflicted upon mystics giving them more time to unleash their magic. Perhaps most effective way to counter it is to knock the lizard on his bottom and let those with knack of hitting vital organs and places deal with them.
  • Searing light: An ray of pure sunlight aimed at enemies... it is very potent against undead and those creatures who cannot withstand light as vampires and such.
  • Inflict wounds: An curse that works as exact opposite of healing spells we all tend to know and like. Be wary, it can sap energy from even hardiest of warriors.
  • Bane: Again, curse of lizardmen gods upon their enemies. It will generally make you worse at what ever you attempt as you are obstructed by divine will!
  • Bless: An blessing to their allies, it will grant them heightened abilities for some time.


"Lizardfolk are sometimes accompanied by one or more doom spiders native to the swamps. Be careful around them for they are extremely fast and poisoned pincers will sap one's strength."