Ralten's Band

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Ralten's Band
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What a majestic creature
Faction Type Band of Vagabonds
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Races Any
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Alignment Chaotic
Enemies The Horsemen, The Church of Bane
Affiliations None
Former Affiliations Branded Legion of Amian Conscript Knights
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Location Endir's Point
Religion Shaundakul, Selune and many more.
Status Alive

General Description

A group of societies outcasts banding together to make a better one.

In-depth Description

There seems to be a degree of obscurity as to what the Band really stands for. Many suspect it is a mere tool of an insane tiefling to strike at the heart of law. There may be some truth to that, but in actuality the Band is exsists to protect the freedom of it's members. Nothing beyond self preservation (On the surface at least) is in the collective interest of the faction.

However; many within the band form up to fufill personal goals or right what they see as wrongs.

Battling Tyranny also seems to be on their manifesto, though the means in which they undertake this task is known to only a few.

Known Members

Gorthod Wenthur

Former Members

Richard Johnson