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Type Spawn
Race Animal
Regions Cordor Sewers, Wiltun Cellars

Game Description

Sewer Rat

These omnivorous vermin seem to thrive just about everywhere.

Georged Sewer Rat

These omnivorous vermin seem to thrive just about anywhere. This particular specimen seems well fed and quite filthy.

Trained Rat

The rat has always been seen as the carrier of disease and evil in nature.


Rats are brown, long-tailed rodents about ten inches long and another ten inches for the tail. They are quadrupal, the front paws have 4 toes, the back ones 5. The most prominent features on their heads are the big, round ears and long whiskers. The weight is typically under half a pound, while the larger exemples can weigh up to two pounds. The sound they make can be described as squeak or chirp.

Rats are omnivores, eating about every edible food source. They are also excellent climbers, swimmers and burrowers, which makes it possible for them to thrive in many different areas. They are often drawn to human cities as food is plentiful there. Due to their high reproduction rate, rats are often seen as vermin.

Natural enemies include birds of prey, felines, martens and furrets, etc. Rat meat is edible, though many humanoids seem to shy away from it. Certain goblin tribes are known to tame and train rats for combat.


The bite from the larger examples can be infectious enough to transmit disease.