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If you decide you made a mistake building your character's classes, skill selection or feats, you may contact a DM to rebuild it with you.

Rebuilds in General

There are three kinds of rebuilds you can choose between as a player; Free rebuilds, Self-Rebuilds or DC-Rebuilds.

A few basic rules apply to all these kinds of rebuilds:

  • The character must remain the same person; you cannot rebuild a PC with a new name and identity to play a new character.
  • Changes to race/subrace and gender are not allowed (barring rare, DM-dictated exceptions).
  • Rebuilds must make sense in the role-play and storyline of the character; major changed to class or general character concept (and in drastic proportions, alignment changes) may require a formal forum request. This is at the DM's discretion, but you can avoid extra work by posting major rebuilds directly into the Requests forum.
  • A rebuild is always reviewed by a DM.

Free Rebuilds

Players are eligible to quarterly (once every 3 months, or 4 per year) free rebuilds for a character of their choosing. These rebuilds may be requested in-game like DC paid rebuilds and self-rebuilds. They are normally approved/denied by a DM on the spot, but sometimes (particularly in case of major changes; see above) you will be referred to the Requests forum.

An individual character can be rebuilt for free once in a year. A player may have a total of four different, individual characters rebuilt for free in a year.

A player cannot "bank" free rebuilds, but they must be used within a given quarter.

The free rebuilds are per player. Using an alternate account or CD key does not make a player eligible for more free rebuilds.

The free rebuilds are an addition to the current DC paid rebuilds and self-rebuilds. Players may opt for a DC paid rebuild or a self-rebuild if they have already used their free rebuild option for an individual character and desire to rebuild again.



As an alternative to using your Freebie Rebuild or paying for one with DCs, you may do a Self-Rebuild. It means you are either delevelled to your desired level, or you start a new PC (new build, same person) from scratch. The latter option starts from level 4, but with the benefit of the items, gold and completed quests you've acquired on the old version.

  • Self-rebuilds, if having drastic changes to the character, must be approved, by having the request posted in the DM Forums. The change must be role-played as always.
  • The previous version will be delevelled and stripped of possessions. You may never have two active versions of the same PC at the same time.
  • Only DMs transfer gear. Never do it yourself or ask a player to help you, because that's classified as muling.
  • Always contact a DM when you want to rebuild, for stripping, delevelling and approval.


The same rules and standards as concern Freebie and Self-Rebuilds also apply to DC Rebuilds. The only benefit is that you may rebuild your PC to your current level even if you've spent your free rebuilds already. You may choose to rebuild only partially to save DCs: a level 27 PC might only get a rebuild to level 20, and level up normally the rest of the way.

Rebuild costs are as follows:

  • 3 DC Base cost.
  • +0.5 DC per level rebuilt, rounded up.
  • +5 DC for one class addition.
  • +10 DC for two class additions.
  • +12 DC for complete class(es) change.
  • +5 DC for new initial build.


You pay +5 for one new class, +10 for two new classes (these are not cumulative). If your new build shares no classes with the old, you pay +12 DCs. Rebuilding from one pure class to another will therefore cost the same as rebuilding to a completely new multiclasser.

Basic Pricing Examples:

Assume these are all rebuilt from level 30 to level 1 and back.

  • Same class(es), same initial build: 18 DC
  • Same class(es), new initial build: 23 DC
  • One new class added, same initial build: 23 DC
  • One new class added, new initial build: 28 DC
  • Two new classes added, same initial build: 28 DC
  • Two new classes added, new initial build: 33 DC
  • Complete class(es) change: 35 DC


See [here for more information]

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