Red Dragon Disciple

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Amia Specific Lore

Red Dragon Disciples are people who have some tertiary relation, many generations removed, to a dragon of some colour. They can be orc-kin, halflings, humans, elves, any sort of sentient being. A series of arcane rituals strengthen and draw out the draconic link the person possesses by blood, and in so doing they align themselves willingly and consciously with the type of dragon they have chosen. This is why only those with innate arcane spellcasting ability, be they bards or sorcerers, are eligible to become Disciples. The link must be there by blood, it cannot be artificially acquired.

The conscious linking of a self to the dragon of choice is often downplayed by those who select to align with a chromatic breed of dragon, because it indicates that they have consciously and willingly chosen to more closely emulate a very evil creature.

It should be noted that it is not possible to link to a dragon breed that is too far removed from your own standards and morals.

Requirements for this PRC

1st-level casting ability, Bard or Sorcerer only.

8 ranks in Lore

Amia Specific Requirements/Rules

Any Non-Standard Dragon (Black, Blue, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Green, Gold, Red, Silver, Shadow, or White) requires a DM-approved request BEFORE THE CHARACTER IS MADE OR PLAYED.

The dragon type you choose must be within ONE ALIGNMENT STEP of your PC's current alignment.

You cannot be a "quarter" dragon. The blood is necessarily weak. Dragon-humanoid pairings come in three flavours. Full, Half, or Trace. Full and Half require a request. Trace means just that. A trace of draconic blood. While your RDD levels are meant to increase that bond, it does not make you a half-dragon at level 10.

On Amia, the bonuses of the class are nerfed. Please refer to Class Changes for more.