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Red Wizards of Thay

Symbol of the Red Wizards.jpg
Enemies “In Thay, Zhentarim, The Harpers, Lords' Alliance , Witches of Rashemen.”
Base of Operations Skull Crag Peak Enclave
Leaders Valkin Mulgin, Khazark Azira
Entry Requirements Dedication, Talent, Skills, Use.
Purpose To Work with our allies to generate political power, as well as profit for our Cabal, also to establish working relations with the people of Amia.

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Red Wizards of Thay

The Red Wizards hold the power of life and death over their chosen land or enclave, and only other Red Wizards usually stop them from exercising that power at whim. Standing laws in Thay, and on Thavian soil, prevent Red Wizards from simply taking or seizing whatever they want from the common folk. Their main power is political, and those who regard themselves above such mortal and mundane concerns quickly find themselves exiled, or killed by The Red Wizards, and those outside their circles that do not respect the laws and culture often find themselves with a slave collar, or in a shallow grave.

In practice, a Red Wizard is likely to have many contacts, allies, and enemies, among the wizards and Red Wizards, with servants of various types and power levels. If a Red wizard is slain or disappears, his allies investigate. Although they most often assume that the disappearance is due to a rival and leave it at that, occasionally the allies try to find and destroy those responsible.

The Wizards of Thay grow up in a cutthroat environment of intrigue, competition, and cruelty. They have survived dangerous masters and evil rivals, and have experienced and witnessed magic that is prohibited by more ethical wizards. They are not fools, although some are Megalomaniacs and cannot see the flaws in their own plans. The environment in which they are raised and trained marked them dangerous opponents, and none should take them lightly.

The Red Wizards at their height were the enemies of many forces in Toril and received support from demons, devils, and drow. Amongst those who opposed them were the Witches of Rashemen, the Seven Sisters and their allies, the goodly Harpers, and even the Zhentarim, who disliked the Wizards encroaching on their territory. After another failed attempt at securing Rashemen in 1357 DR, the Red Wizards planned to infiltrate the nations of Faerûn legitimately — in Thayan enclaves which would publicly sell magic items and quietly also traffic drugs, wicked spells, and slaves. Using these they hoped to eventually have strongholds and resulting political infiltration that would make them indispensable and powerful, and eventually get them something along the lines of world domination. Despite the general distrust and dislike that most felt towards the Red Wizards, the mages were still able to extend their power to almost every corner of the Realms, running their enclaves as planned in towns where slaving was otherwise banned. From here they ran a lucrative business in the trade of magical items, spells and artifacts, making them virtually indispensable to many of their clients, and as such the wizards expanded their sphere of influence ever further.


The Red Wizards rule as the heads of a large quasi-military organisation, the structure of which is more convoluted than it first appears. Among Thayans. the Term "wizard" and "red Wizard" have different meanings. A wizard is someone who welds arcane power in the form of spells.

Many traditions of the old Red Wizards were lost in the transformation and modern Red Wizards don't maintain the same Mulani traditions of shaved heads and tattoos that the old organisation did. Most of the Red Wizards are actual wizards, but not all are, and the title of Red Wizard is generally inherited from parent to child, with exceptions in the case of adoption or marriage whereas in the past the Red Wizards were recruited from talented wizards. Red Wizard enclaves are essentially self-run, some by a single individual, others by a small council of wizards.

while most people outside the realm or understanding of thay believe that all thayans or people in there academy's are red wizards, however there are often non-Red Wizards within there organisation and it is only the Red Wizards that are noble or interested in polatics while the others work under them as servants and apprentices of lower station.

Long considered a threat to many nations of Ester Faerun, the Red Wizards of thay have a History of war Aggression and Terrorism towards many factions outside Amia but as well as this the Red Wizards are long and sort after for there magical goods and until recent years had a long standing Trade Agreement with the Commonwealth of Amia, Unfortunately a conspiracy orchestrated by the Weav Knights and other followers of Monolith of Mystra was set in motion to overthrew the influence of the Red Wizards in Amia and ruin there Trade Agreements in Amia.

One might notice now that the apparent "trade" power in Amia for magical goods and enchantments is run by the Ministry of magic formed from Weave Knights and flowers of the Monolith who all benefit from Trade agreements for magical good and enchanting with mythals a right that was stolen from the Red Wizards of Thay and will be Returned..

      • NOTE: the Red Wizards are not all "wizards" the title was created long ago after the mullan broke free of there enslavement wizards ruled the empire completely and the bald heads and tattoos wear actually part of laws of there old masters who did enslave them, tattoos to show slave blood line as well as bald head to donate there status as a slave.

Today however Red wizards are more free thinking or at least open minded to the usefulness of others than before, Sorcerers are still looked down on however they can gain power and rise to respect as well as even bards.

Many other individuals from many walks of life join the red wizards cabals or "enclaves" to do merchant business or have some kind of agreement for study or magical goods, in Thay many of the old traditions are still pushed upon the people but some are simply seen as "Fashion" or something special and dear to the heart of the nation, many high-born mullan blood still will frown and look down on those who do not follow the old ways as it is in modern society today with many religious organisations.

To join us you don't have to be Pure mullan, you don't have to be a Wizard we accept many different combinations of characters, just PM and ask any questions you might have to clear any "lore" or RP necessary for your character.

Motivations and Goals::

The Zulkir's or Magorcy of Thay Ultimate Goal is to rule the world, For centuries they have tried to attain this goal with force of arms, now they are trying to do it with trade and diplomacy one city at a time, The goals of the Thayan enclaves is to acquire information and wealth and ongoing Trade and diplomatic relations with worthy powers to help increase the diplomatic and Trade graps in each reging and enclave is built.


History in Amia

For many decades, the Thayvians had good business on the Amian island, practicing soul smithing. The energies they used to enchant weapons and armors for adventurers and citizens were advertised to come from a personal source of the user, to further help bond the object to them; in truth, the Thayvians were using quintessential soul magic, which is known for its corrupting influence. Once this became common knowledge to the island's populace, the Thayvian merchants new that soul magic was harmless in short term however long term there wear some side effect's but more than worth the gain, however the commoners did not agree as it seemed that someone was pushing to ensure the Thayvians wear discredited in every way possible, propaganda to ensure they no longer had pull within the merchant industry , a well placed rumors coursed chaos for the once Lawful and most appreciated services of the Red Wizards of thay.

Unfortunately the play was no over at this and ou of desperation, the Remaining Red Wizards wear cornered fleeing law enforcement and ended up in the Orphanage, however they did not has many people say hold the children hostage and it was infact all a ploy to ensure the thayvians wear discredited further.

The Thayan negotiator came freely to speak with the Knight of Law, but it was the Law Knight who attacked without cause. Other Red Wizards rushed to aid the negotiator as the fight spilled into the nearby orphanage. This is when mages from Mystra's Tower showed themselves abruptly and began to assault the Thayan's inside the orphanage. Due to the battle inside, fire caught hold of the build, yet the building held strong. Conveniently to prevent the ture evidence from being shown Ice storm spells wear cast supposedly to stop the fire, but it was a careless attempt to put out the flames, the building perhaps may have held strong till the Mystran manges pummel the building with their magic from outside.

It was the Accusations leveled by the mystrans that led the city of cordor to turn its swords against the Red Wizards, a people who had peacefully served Cordorians without incident since the city's inception, Absent of any “proof” other than the Mystrans' assurances the Cordorian guard laid sege to the orphanage, leading to its destruction.

Ask yourself how it is that the mighty Red Wizards could succumb to the mundane fires of a burning orphanage. Even peoples untrained in magical arst know only those skilled in magic can defeat masters of the arcane. Its obvious they wear killed by no ordinary flames.

But why would the agents of mystra slay the? What did they stand to again from the downfall and banishment of the Red Wizards and there services they offered to all? Its is a curios coincidence that the Mystranns wear able to so “swiftly” step in forward to offer their “own” service as a most convenient remedy. It is as if they knew what was to come and had been planing a strategic takeover of the magical trades in the commonwealth of Amia.

And is it not apparent to all how Thayan enchantments wear often so much stronger than that of the Mystrans ? One might suspect that the Mystran know they could not compete with the unparalleled skill of the Red Wizards. Perhaps.. the Mystrans know the only way they could control the industries of magic on the isle was to first rid it of the Thayans and there Vastly superior work.

There is no doubt that the Red Wizards can be Cruel and Wicket, Few of any Fair mind and judgment would argue otherwise however What makes more sens is the fair of mind, that the lawful people with a history of lawful services would suddenly destroy there golden goose, or that a would-be competitor serving a lawless ends-justing-the-means framed them to peddle their inferior wares ?

Further, why is it that many of the new Mystran tower are so heavily fortified with Mithral golems ? Given what they did to the thayvnians, one wonders what the True purpose of their Constructs might be, and is it not metallic constructs that which attacked the Thayan Enclave in west Cordor Originally ?

But how, you might ask yourself, could a preponderance of evidence and mind boggling series of coincidence go unnoticed by the Cordorian guard ?

One final nail in the Coffin is placed to prove, Would it suprise you to know that the Captain of the Cordorian guard at the time was infact a Weav Knight himself ?

Merely Another confidence I am Sure...!

The Remaining Rouge Agents wear of course striped of there status by the Magorcy of Thay, they wear considered renegades and offical orders wear posted for them to be handed over to the Cordorian authority if captured, and order that is still to this day in place.

However in an in vane attempt to regain the trust and status in Thay these Terrorists did so belive that they could transform all of the island's Weave into mythal, harvest the mythal, and then leave the Amian Island in a state of disarray.

Using a giant manufactured mythal crystal as a focus, the Thayvian magicians combined arcane ritual with the divine influence of the Winter Queen's faithful an unsanctioned alliance with the Aurilites.

The ritual began to tear into the very Weave on the Amian island itself. Mana storms broke out across the island. Magic itself ceased to function in some places, and wild magic zones sprang up as turmoil broke out in the metaphysical Weave.

These rouge agents failed. They were thwarted when the Tower of Mystra who convenaintly was prepaired of an assult, declared a Wizard's March upon the Thayvians.

The entire Tower marched via magical portal to Howness in Forrstakkr, and from there to the cavern where the ritual took place - and there, they slew Aurilite and Thayvian alike until the threat was neutralized. The names Halen Van, Casper Meche, Yossarin, Rhea, and Airais Alanein stick out as noteworthy figures within the Tower of Mystra who "led the charge".

Since this time Thay has been far to invovled with other affair's to return to Amia and repair the broken relations with Amia, however more recently a Young and upcoming Diplomat And Red Wizard was sent to Amia to merely to do the best he can to make it so that the collective cities on the Island of Amia will not murder a Thayvian just for being a Thayvian. And, that failing, to remain incognito on the island and report back about magical incidents or occurrences that may be of some interest to the Magocracy, he was also advised that some remnants of the Renagade Thayvian cabal that joined with the Aurilites to destroy the island's Weave may still be lurking somewhere on the island, being very low key. If you uncover their whereabouts, or find out about them, to turn them in to the Island's authorities to pay for their crimes against Amia.

Valkin arrived hear he employed many to be my eyes and ears, bring me up to speed on the current events of the Isle, I found quickly that the diplomatic status with Thay was little more than a joke, that any red wizard sighted would be locked up and even punished for the crimes of the renegades.

Knowing that Valkin himself could not do alone th started to set up a base of operations, firstly making use of the Cordor's underground and Sanctum of sin, wear met ins secret and found himself a few Red Wizards who had also traveled here to seek advancement. After some time we had grown into a sizable cabal of Red Wizards merchants and agents we moved our operations to Tarkuul to use there facilitates to continue our operations, we have had several diplomatic meetings with the speaker Frey and his council arranging for more permanent relations with his living city, however there were other declarations and alliances on the table to help further our goals in the isle.

I have sanctioned the creation of a Council we have named the "Circle of five" and issued four talented casters the ranks of Zatarch, they will help in the continued operations of this cabal, now with a fully operational cabal valkin has brokered many alliances with the various factions of Amia. One such as the horseman of the apocalypse, and now has an offical alliance wear trade goods and base of operations are sheared in there join mission to improve relations with the people of amia.

Races and Cultures

Gnolls and Orcs are the most common non-human humanoids in Thay. They form the backbone of the Thayan armies, especially the gnolls, who are often placed in city garrisons to keep the populace in line. The less-controllable orcs are usually employed as shock tropps.

With the zulkir's current policy of peaceful trade, the orcs often sit idle, itching for a fight of some sort. If one doesn't come quickly enough, they end up rioting amongst themselves. To keep this violence from overflowing into the rest of the population, the Red Wizards have set up a regular series of gladitorial games. Orcs, gnolls, and other violent humanoids are pitted against one another in blood matches for the enjoyment of the ever-growing crowds of spectators.

Goblins and halflings are also not uncommon in Thay, although they are almost always slaves. Their lives may not be as violent as those of the gnolls and orcs, but they are just as short. Tieflings and other planetouched creatures can be found here as well, although these rare folk are judged more by their human ancestry than their physical appearance.

In Addition to nonhumans, Thay is home to two distinct human cultures: the Rashemi and the Mulan.


Mulhorandi blood runs thick in the veins of the Mulan. These are the descendants of renegades who rebelled against the Mulhorandi Empire 400 years ago. and since those fateful days, they have retained the power they wrestled from their distant masters. Nearly all the Red Wizards are of Mulan extraction. There are few exceptions, and most of these pass themselves off as the children of Mulan parents.

The Mulan people are tall and slim, sometimes to the point of being gaunt. Their skin is sallow, and they usually remove what little body hair they have by means magical or mundane. They wear intricately designed tattoos in place of hair, usually on their bare skulls and where their eyebrows were. These tattoos often represent dragons, demons, devils, and other creatures of ancient evil. They are extremely stylized, sometimes to the point of being cryptic runes or even abstract signs. Many Red Wizards use tattoo magic, and the fashion of tattooing arose from this. Even those without the power of the Red Wizards wish to look as though they do.

Almost all nobles in Thay are of Mulan descent, although not all Mulan are nobles. At worst lowborn Mulan are free farmers or artisans, although many seek power that does not depend on their family's wealth, becoming bureaucrats, soldiers, or priests. For those with the aptitude, the path of the Red Wizard is open. In fact, most Red Wizards come from Mulan Families of relatively humble means (although high-born Red Wizards have the advantage of personal wealth and noble alliances to aid their advancement when they complete their training).


"Niciiven, Valkin Mulgin, Asham, Kaspar attempting to repair the "giant manufactured mythal crystal""


"Niciiven, Valkin Mulgin, Asham, Kaspar"


"A lecture on Thayvian politics, and current events"

Circle of Five Logo Main.JPG

"Symbol of the Circle of Five"

Thayvian Enclave of Amia

(Red Wizard) Listar / Practitioner responsibilities:

1. Listar / Practitioner are required to pay respect to all that hold higher rank and are required to refer to them by title.

2. Listar / Practitioner must obey orders by any members who is above them in rank.

3. Each Listar / Practitioner Should learn to improve his knowledge of Arcane, (Spells,Schools,Manipulation,Weave,Defensiveness & offensive magics.)

4. All Listar / Practitioner will be mentored by at least one of Vatrir Rank or higher.

5. To Obtain the next rank each Listar / Practitioner musts prove they are loyal as well as Dedicated members of the Academy and the Red Wizard Cabal.

6. Listar / Practitioner are apprentice Casters, to rise in rank they must show a complete understanding of Offensive and defensive spell casting in the form of at least one defensive and one offensive spell of each School of magic, they must also show an aptitude for spell manipulation.

7. Listar must meet other requirements that are listed under Cabal Rank in order to achieve advancement.

Cabal Laws

1.The Tharchion Leads the Circle, His Rulings are Final & can only be opposed by Summit meeting With Majority Vote.

2. No lesser member is to ever address someone above there station with disrespectful manner, and should address them by rank when in uniform. (as Shown by there Tattoo)

3. Any information given to the Circle that states a member of the cabal is a traitor or informant will be voted on by the circle to decide on a case by case basis what his punishment or suspension will be. (during suspension or before expulsion two investigators will be assigned to look into the matter to be certain of guilt or innocence..

4. Don't stop the pursuit of knowledge, power or profit. Unless required to, to avoid breaking cabal or circle Law.

5. Any actions that could risk profit or political power of the enclave, should be disclosed to the circle and voted for the best course of action.

6.The Chain of command and Hierarchy is to be followed at all times unless order otherise by the circle.

7.No member take hostile actions against another member, unless order by the circle to do so.

8. All Members when on official business of the Cabal must wear there Issued Cloak/uniform design that is supplied.

Punishment system for Lesser Ranks

1. All circle one to four spells are considered fair spells to use as punishments for your lessers.

2. Higher Circle spells are to be used with care, should a complaint me brought to the Circle it will be investigated.

3. Ongoing punishments are to be sanctioned by the Circle of Five for all Red Wizards of Varteir or above rank.


Red wizards

"Human"- preffered ,(Mulan) but there are often exceptions but many of these have papers or have worked some magic to pass themselves of as Mulan decent. ( As long as you are Human you can become a Red Wizard just expect possibule "blackmail or worse" should you attempt to show yourself as what you are not.

Alignments Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil, True Neutral, Lawful Neutral,


No Paladins, Harper Scouts. Only Wiz/Sorc can become full Red Wizards & must have use of 9th level spells. But other classe can join and work under the Non-Red Wizard Hierarchy as spys and military leaders.


  • Not Required but most common*

Kossuth, Bane, Shar, Loviatar,Mephistopheles,

:Role Play:

Simply Dedication to the Faction as well as a resinable ammount of play time for your character, know that you ca never gian rank if you dont RP frequently with members.



Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil, True Neutral, Lawful Neutral,


No Paladins, Harper Scouts. Only Wiz/Sorc, however any other class combination so long as it can cast third circle or above arcane magic can join the acadamy.


  • Not Required but most common*


:Role Play:

Simply Dedication to the Faction as well as a reasonable amount of play time for your character, know that you can never gain rank if you don't RP frequently with members

Red Wizards on the Forgotten Realms Wiki (Keep in mind while viewing any offsite information, that the Amian year is currently 1373-74)