Riding Lizard

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These horse-sized lizards are built low to the ground with legs splayed wide. Their steady gait, sense of balance, and ability to walk on walls and ceilings make them ideal mounts for patrolling dark elves. Although they cannot see in the dark, riding lizards have a keen sense of smell and are trained to follow the silent directions of their rider, allowing them to navigate the blackest tunnels with only a slight decrease in speed.

In Use

Most drow noble houses have at least a handful of the valuable lizards, and the larger houses have entire squadrons of lizard cavalry. Rather than charging into battle like human knights, drow cavalry stealthily creeps unnoticed across the ceiling to pepper enemies with poisoned crossbow bolts; by the time the targets realize the attack isn't coming from the ground, most of them are asleep and are easy prey for support troops. Larger, slower breeds of lizards are used by the drow as pack animals.

Z'har Thalack

The z'har thalack style, which means "riding war," was developed for the mounted dark elf patrols and deals with the difficulties and opportunities of fighting while mounted. As drow normally ride wall-crawling lizards, special tricks available to those who can maneuver in a three-dimensional manner through the Underdark put the mounted soldiers at an advantage compared to grounded troops. Berg'inyon Baenre, head of the Lizard riders of house Baenre, fights with this style, which makes his death lance (a long lance crafted with powerful death magic) even more lethal.

  • Feats: Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Spirited Charge.