Risen Pirate Captain

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Risen Pirate Captain and Loot

Type Epic Boss
Regions Alamber Sea


Risen Pirate Captain:

This once-human is wearing the tattered reains of a regal Captain's overcoat, and a torn, fish eaten tricorn hat. Much of his flesh is decayed, or already rotted off, revealing the bone underneath. In one skeletal hand is a rusty cutlass that, despite its age, still seems incredibly sharp. The clothes wriggle in the underwater currents as he stumbles towards you slowly, raising the blade threateningly. [1]

The Loot:

What looks like a treasure chest is apparently an actual creature. You see hundreds of tiny "feet" along the bottom of the treasure chest, shuffling it along the floor of the ship. When it opens its 'lid', you see that it is lined with rows of tiny, sharp teeth, even though the inside is filled with gems, jewels, and potions just like a real treasure chest might be. It tries to slither over to you and chomp at you with the box-teeth. [1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.