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General rules

  • Players

Players are here to enjoy themselves while playing the game and interacting with eachother. Players treat eachother with respect, not matter how hostile the relations between their characters may be. Conflicts between players are primarily solved by the players themselves. A DM steps in when the players are unable to reach a solution that's acceptable to all parties involved.

A character represents a living entity in the gameworld. Players are not allowed to give their characters knowledge or items that the character did not acquire through its interaction with the gameworld. Character's IC actions result in IC consequenses, so think before acting. In case of dispute, DM's decision is to be followed. You should always "go with the flow" and accept the roleplay as it comes. No player can be forced to roleplay sexual acts or graphic violence. Roleplaying rape is strictly forbidden.

A DM's task is to represent the gameworld and to keep it coherent. DMs also help the players with problems and decide on the intepretation of rules in a certain situation. Not every decision of a DM will be pleasant for every player; do not argue the matter ingame, but discuss this with the DM via a Private Message in the forums. All DMs report to the Head DM, and complaints about a DM should be send to the Head DM or the owner (MagnumMan).

  • The Gameworld

Only DMs hold the right to decide the actions of NPCs (Non-Player Characters), deities, or any other entities active and present in the world of Amia. This includes stories posted in the PC Story forum. The use of non-NwN material in game is not mandatory, nor is knowledge of D&D lore a requirement to play on Amia. No player can be forced to play by any other rules than those included in NwN game and Amia module, or those set by the DM staff.

  • Exploits

NwN game bugs, and Amia module bugs are not to be exploited. DM staff holds the right to decide what is an exploit. If you are unsure what is an exploit, ask before acting.

  • About These Rules

You will notice that aforementioned rules are not very detailed, and do not include set penalties. The DMs apply a rule to a situation and set the penalty if there is one. The ruling will be recorded and used for future reference in comparable cases.

General Do's and Don't's to clarify the above rules

  • Do not login with another character to do something your current character began. (i.e. To raise your party or to attack another PC).
  • Do not login with multiple computers at the same time. It's a bloody lame way to exploit and/or it takes slots that other people can use for better things.
  • Do not exploit bugs and glitches within the Neverwinter Nights game. (If you are unsure what is considered an exploit and what isn't, please ask!) This includes any third-party tools that modify character appearance in-game such as adding wings or tails.
  • Do not resort to PvP (Player vs Player) battle without ample IC (In Character) reason. Senseless player killing will resort in harsh punishment. Simply being evil is not reason enough to kill someone. If you do enter into RP inspired PvP that results in deaths of any PC (Player Character), you must provide an OOC raise for that character (either by yourself, or arrange for someone else to do it). For more information on the PvP rules, see here.
  • Do not camp any spawns, this means you can't sit on the same spawn and bring it out 3 or 4 times.
  • Do not metagame. Metagaming includes asking for a raise OOC, sending tells for help, and having a player port directly to your dead character with the purpose of raising it. Players caught doing this will be docked one level, and have half their gold taken. Multiple offenses will result in a ban from the game.
  • Do not use your "Use Magic Device", or UMD skill to activate these items with a class specific OOC warning of use limitations if you do not have the appropriate class levels. The item will be removed from your character without compensation if you are found to be doing this.
  • Do not transfer items or gold from one character to another (muling or twinking).
  • Do not give fellow players items they should not have or do not deserve, or drop unearned gold on someone (commonly referred to as twinking someone). Also note that gifts given ICly should not generally be worth more than 20k GP. You should not gift another player with items they could have not aquired fairly. DM will determine what is fair, if required. Read more about twinking here.
  • Do not babysit players outside your party level range. You either hunt with a party, or solo, but you are not to walk behind lower level players helping/healing/buffing them.
  • Do not spam voicesets. (This means using the same part of your voiceset repeatedly) To experiment with a voice set, please find a secluded place where nobody else is around (there are plenty of these).
  • Do not run ahead of another group, when hunting. Do not collect treasure from corpses that your party did not kill.
  • Do not attempt to determine the acts of NPCs, or history of Amia. That is for the DMs to decide. If you wish to take part in Amia's historical events, or roleplay a character, that had a part in making of Amia's history, contact a DM.
  • Do not give your characters titles that they supposedly earned on Amia, unless a DM grants you that title. If your character's past in some other land or plane involved him/her having a title, that is fine, as long as you don't claim to have any unearned influence on Amia.
  • Do remember, that only the DMs play gods and NPCs. That's why they are called Non-Player Characters.
  • Do remember, that Cordor Laws only apply in Cordor. Other cities have laws of their own.
  • Do remember, that cybering is not allowed publically on Amia. This also includes any visual "hints", such as people sitting naked and silent in a corner. If a DM sees you doing such, they may boot you from the game. The staff discourages cybering. For more information on forbidden types of roleplay, such as rape, see here.