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Type Spawn
Regions Alamber Sea


Sahuagin Dervish:

A slimmer than average Sahuagin bears a long pole-arm like weapon, with bladed ends on both sides. Despite being underwater, the weapon is swung and twirled around as if the Sahuagin were cutting through the water like it was air. When you see the display, yu can't help but feel a little bit intimidated. [1]

Sahuagin Frenzier:

A Sahuagin weilding a long strand of froeign material perforated with spikes lunges towards you, cracking it like a whip. The strand of material seems to be mildly electrified in some manner, likely a technique developed by the underwater creatures so as to not electrify the entire area while using it. [1]

Sahuagin Hunter:

This lithe Sahuagin looks much like the rest of its race. It has two bandoliers across its body, all of them containing hatchets in each loop. the hatchets appear specially designed to flow through the water without losing momentum. If you could call a specific Sahuagin a "predator" down here, this would be it. [1]

Sahuagin Priest:

This Sahuagin is dressed in scale mail armor and bears a heavy cudgel and a large shield. Around his neck is the holy symbol of the Sahuagin's deity, Sekolath. He calls a blessing onto his allies, and then begins to chant several hostile spells in your direction. [1]

Sahuagin Raider:

This Sahuagin is dressed much like the garb of a priest, but bears a blade instead of a mace. In all other ways he seems to be much like a shaman, chanting blessings for his allies, and calling down prayers from his gods to smite you, before lunging at you with his scimitar. [1]

Sahuagin Spearman:

The "Traditional" Sahuagin Warrior stands before you: A thickly muscled reptilian creature, bearing a long trident with barbed edges. He speaks to its allies in Sahuagin, before swimmnig towards you, driving the trident in front of him, to bring it to bear. [1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.