Salandran Clergy

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Salandran Clergy

Salandran Clergy

Residence Temple of Salandra in Benwick Hollow
Current Temple Mother Sister Teresa
Current Council Members
- Amenia Eletharion
- Angelita S. Carder
Colours Red, White, Silver

The Salandran Clergy are devout followers of Salandra that consist of people born and raised in the temple or those who were converted for various reasons. Though not the most outgoing faction on Amia, the Salandran Clergy strives to spread Salandra's good will to Amia's (and the Islands around Amia) population.

The Role of the Salandran Clergy

The Role of the Salandran Clergy is to uphold the Salandran Tenets of Faith (See Salandra).

It is common for Salandrans to be dispersed in small groups around the Isle for many different roles. The most common role is healing and administering aid to small towns and Salandran Templar are rather common around areas which are rumoured to be infested with undead. Due to a good portion of the Clergy being converted from other faiths and occupations, the roles of the Salandran Clergy extend to herbology, philosophy, alchemy, smithing, Battle Surgery, Divination, Science and Theology.


The Salandran Clergy, though rather laid back in nature, has a structured hierarchy:

  • Temple Mother/Father
  • Salandran Council
  • Priests or Priestess
  • Templar
  • Acolyte
  • Novitiate

Temple Mother/Father

Current Temple Mother: Teresa

The Temple Mother is responsible for all happenings in the Temple and its clergy and is the highest ranking a Salandran can achieve. They are the living embodiment of Salandra and the closest thing to an Avatar that has been witnessed. The Temple Mother holds her position for life, or until retirement but should she not be following the Tenets of Salandran faith, she may be removed from her position by the Council.

On rare occasions when there is not a Priestess fit for the role of the Temple Mother, a Temple Father may be elected in their place.

//The current Temple mother is an NPC. In the past, PC characters were able to elect themselves as the Temple Mother or Father but this practice (for the time being) has been stopped.

The Council

Temple Mother Teresa upon her election to Temple Mother administered a Council of five members of the clergy to assist the Temple Mother in everyday runnings, foreign relations and training of the Temple Staff. The council is made up of promising candidates regardless of rank (though members of the clergy with a higher rank and experience are more likely to be elected) who are the voice for the temple during decision making times and crisis's. The Council also have the ability to dismiss the Temple Mother from office should she or he fail to uphold the Salandran Tenets of Faith. Once elected onto the council, the position is held for life or until retirement.

Current Members of the Salandran Council:

  • Amenia Eletharion
  • Angelita S. Carder

General Roles

Priests and Priestesses: The Priests and Priestesses are the teachers, surgeons and philosophers of the temple. They usually apprentice a Novitiate in order to help them learn.

Templar: Though it is not gender specific, Templar are usually males. The role of a Templar is to protect the grounds of the Temple to ensure the safety of the Clergy and their wards. A Templar is also responsible for actively hunting down and destroying undead as well as accompanying acolytes, priests and priestesses to ensure their protection whilst away from the Temple.

Acolytes: Acolytes act as Nurses in the recovery wing, looking after their wards. Acolytes are expected to study the Tenets of Salandra in their own time and are usually the ones who leave the Temple to gain first hand experience before their ascension to priesthood. It is common for Acolytes to specialize in specific fields such as surgery, philosophy, general practitioning and combat training.

Novitiates: The lowest rank in the Salandran Clergy. Novitiates spend most of their time in class rooms learning the Salandran Faith and perform roles such as changing sheets, washing, cleaning and administering supplies around the recovery wing. It is not uncommon for a Novitiate to be apprenticed to a Priest or Priestess.

Foreign Relations

In order to uphold the Salandran Tennents of Faith, the Salandran Clergy tend to keep a neutral stance on everyday affairs across the Isle. The Salandran view of violence as a last resort makes the Salandrans a faction that anyone may approach without fear of rejection or danger. Due to agreements made between Metalien Sikth and former Grand Master Roland Sigers and the geographical location of the two temples, the Salandran Clergy consider the Eternal Order as their only ally.

The Salandran Clergy openly despises followers of Talona, Loviatar and anyone who delves in summoning the undead or administering pain and suffering upon others. Regardless of this, the Salandran Clergy do not openly hunt their opponents down due to their faith and find more peaceful means to oppose them.

Current Members of the Salandran Clergy

  • Amenia Eletharion (Priestess)
  • Angelita Serenity Carder (Priestess)
  • Anita Streamer (Priestess)
  • Weston Carter (Novitiate)

Former or currently inactive Members of the Salandran Clergy

  • Nightingale (Priestess)
  • Sina Averest
  • Tom Addams (Templar)
  • Brother Buck
  • Willow/Penalope
  • Dradia Burrensto - Lay Minister
  • Dahlya
  • Delilah (Novitiate)
  • Mercy 'Salandran' (Former Council Member)
  • Chant Imladhris (Acolyte)
  • Akella
  • Shada Aller Tonnika
  • Kelly Noventa (Acolyte)
  • Alexander (Acolyte)
  • From Omvern (Novitiate)
  • Agatha Lascelles (Novitiate)
  • Alex Fitzi (Novitiate)
  • Kali Le Fai (Novitiate)
  • Nathelio (Priest)
  • Kerri Amberwood (Novitiate)
  • Samantha (Acolyte)
  • Ghash (The Goblin) (Novitiate)
  • Metalien Sikth (Templar) (active though not with the Salandran Clergy, Former Council Member)
  • Jack Galenson (Acolyte/Unofficial Templar)
  • Amir (Novitiate)
  • Kellindrea Durothil (Novitiate)
  • Agatha Lascelles (Novitiate)
  • Basin Eletharion (Priest)

Active/Inactive Lay Salandran Characters

  • Torin Starfall (Weapon Master)
  • Nik'ta Nodasha (Fighter)
  • Airais Alainen (Wizard)

Contact Information

If you wish to play a Salandran Character or wish to meet up with the Salandran Clergy for any IC purpose, contact Basin via PM on the forums or in-game. We'll also answer any questions you have regarding Salandra, the Salandran clergy or anything else..


  • Player Name: Angelita & Amenia
  • Forum Name: Qualiz & Yurell
  • Email/Instant Messenger:

Galenson: If anyone from the Salandran faction sees anything wrong or incorrect, please edit.