Shadow Demon

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Shadow Demon

Shadow Demon.jpg
Type Spawn
Race Demon
Regions Darkhold

Game Description

Shadow Demon

Formed from the very essence of evil these demons skitter and flit about with great speed and a supernatural nimbleness, often mistaken for undead shadows. They resemble gaunt, shadowy humanoids with bat-like wings.


Whilst shadow demons might easily be taken for a sort of incorporeal gargoyle, they are what their name implies: demons. Their form is that of a humanoid with bat-like wings made out of shadow. Their hands end in sharp claws, their teeth are spiked with a pair of protruding lower tusks. Shadow demons have large, upstanding horns and pointed ears. The large wings look to be frayed at the edges, yet this does not withhold the creature from being able to fly. Normally they are the size of a humanoid, yet some have been seen to have grown to larger sizes.

These creatures are normally found on the abyss where they have no corporeal form. They trade in mortal souls and will take any opportunity to trap a mortal's soul and sell it to a more powerful fiend. When encountered on the material plane, it is mostly in service of a greater power of evil. The shadow demons from the Amian Darkhold are in service of the Andriaelle, ruler of this domain. Here, they pray on the souls of any unprepared adventurer that enters the castle.

Shadow demons are quick and nimble and will not hesitate to assault a foe head on, even staying on ground level to be able to do so. Due to their shadowy nature they might not be noticed until combat ensures. Their main weapon are their claws, even though they have the teeth for it, this is not their primary weapon. When their claws touch flesh, they become incorporeal, harming their enemies with the negative essence of the evil that created them. Whilst with some difficulty regular weapons can still physically harm them. Due to their shadowy nature, they are not affected by mental effects.


Negative energy attack
Physical attacks have a reduced effect