Shadow Legion

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The Shadow Legion
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'“We are not the judge, but the executioner.”'
Faction Type Guild
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Leader Shadows
Alignment Lawful Evil
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Religion None
Status Alive

What is it?

The Shadow Legion is a structured organization of assassins. Working in the shadows, it does the "dirty work" of other organizations and those who require assassins. Contracts accepted. Generally for sneaky players who want a bit more structure and bits of cool RP in the mix. Assassins come in all shapes and sizes, and as long as you aren't under 10 INT you should have no problem. Know we are not mercenaries and therefore you do not advertise your services openly.


Initiate - On trial time before becoming a member.

Adept - A lesser of the guild, one who has not yet proven themselves as an assassin.

Assassin - A true member of the guild.

Master Assassin - Master Assassins are given their own title. A subcategory are specialty assassins which will be teachers of certain specializations.

  • Arcane Tricksters
  • Venom Blades
  • Field Assassins
  • Silent Whisper.

Grand Master - Deathblade.

Faction Rules

  1. A formal challenge to the guild master must be made to usurp him, otherwise defeating or killing a member to increase your place within the guild is permitted.
  2. Do not expose other members of the guild or the guild itself.
  3. Pay respect to your superiors in the guild.
  4. Always kill your target. Do not leave eye witnesses and do not leave the task unfinished.
  5. Plan the task well ahead and act in orderly fashion, also planning out means of escape.
  6. Prepare for the unexpected. Always have back-up plan.
  7. Stealth, subtlety and disguising are key to your success.

Punishment for an unfinished task will be ordered according to the damage or violation done ranging from jail and payments to death.

Faction Alignments


Lawful Evil, and Neutral Evil are preferred. CE will need a more NE feel to it and doesn't really seem a good choice for an assassin. Why? Chaotic Evil is...well chaotic. Being a cool calculating assassin isn't going on a horrible killing spree and worshiping pretty much any chaotic evil god. This is not to say CE won't be accepted, but UNDERSTAND your character. An over chaotic assassin is living on the edge, and if this excess chaos causes you to fail a mission, you will be dealt with swiftly. Also, only MILD chaos is really needed, therefore if you want to be a more chaotic assassin, I would go with NE. Now, LN, NN, and CN are not necessarily recommended, however assassin's can kill for more than the pleasure of it, but more of tolerant thing to earn money. I'd stick to LE or NE. Neutral alignments should have a more compelling reason why they want to be assassins. Roleplay it out.

Religious free organization. We do not enforce any faith within our ranks. Also we do not take any enforcing of faith. However, this doesn't mean you can't have a religion.

Common Sense Requirements (OOC)

  • Nobody under 10 intelligence is accepted, though 12 is recommended.
  • You must be able to sneak attack in some way.
  • Hired Killer job is not required.
  • No metagaming. Just being our hideout may be in one area doesn't mean it will be there the next time. Unless you KNOW where we all are on another character than don't jump on a paladin and try to catch us.
  • No good alignments

Most recommended classes

  • Assassins
  • Shadowdancers
  • Rogues
  • Bards
  • Monks
  • Rangers

How to join

Contact Bladen-Kurst through the forums by private message and we will work out the IC meeting, and new characters and such. Finding the assassins in game will be much harder, but completely possible.

Know that you will be tested!