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Shadowscape is city in the plane of shadows. Due to a planar rift, however, the city has formed numerous connections with the inhabits of Amia. The city is the centre of Shadowdancers on Amia institutionalized in the thriving academy. They consider themselves "The warmest place on the hardest plane"


The town of Shadowscape, once a smaller village named Daggercape, was just another settlement on the prime. However, total annihilation threatened it, and a call to arms was issued.

A troupe of skilled shadowdancers came to the rescue, just in time as a murderous army of orcs, giants, ettins and worse closed in, to engulf the village. Through quick thinking of the unnamed twenty-three dancers, the village was saved - the troupe teleported the settlment into the shadow plane, to escape from the peril. However the shadow plane is by no means a safe haven as the village soon found out. The vilage built around itself (with help from the troupe) a barrier to keep out the dangers of the rest of the plane, and the citzens knew peace.. for a short time.

Slowly, slowly, the village began to prosper into a town. Demi-planars providing trade and profit. Daggerscape became a prominent town.

Tragedy soon befell the town however, as an unknown shadow dragon besieged the town, destroying most of the city within short bloody moments. The town would have fell if it was not the mysterious yet noble Night Wings, who graciously protected the settlement, fighting the dragon off. Unfortuately, as valiantly as the Wings fought, the town was doomed and damaged beyond repair. The cold filtered in freely, enough chill to crack bone and freeze blood.

And so, the citizens of Daggerscape fled, temporaily establishing a shelter on the prime. After long months of wait, repairs were set underway on the ruined town.

Thus, Shadowscape was born. Harsher and darker than it's previous form; the citizens no longer wanting to take chances. For as long as the Night Wings can protect this town, peace will continue to reign upon this settlement, providing a safe haven within the dangers of the shadow plane.



1 -Planar Rift

2 -The Drunken Dancer Inn

3 -Dancer Acedemy

4 -Market Square

5 -Temple of Mask

6 -Shadowborne Store

7 -Portal Area