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Requirements for this PRC

Description: A shifter has no form they call their own. Instead, they clothe themselves in whatever shape is most expedient at the time. While others base their identities largely on their external forms, the shifter actually comes closer to their true self through all of their transformations. Of necessity, their sense of self is based not on their outward form, but on their soul, which is truly the only constant about them. It is the inner strength of that soul that enables them to take on any shape and remain themselves within.

To qualify as a shifter, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • Feats: Alertness
  • Spellcasting: level 3 or higher
  • Other: must have a natural, alternate form (like Druid wildshape)

Note: Only druids can become shifters in Neverwinter Nights

Druids and Shifters

The first thing I want to say is that my main character is a shifter by itself. I have spoken with many of people to understand how they role play a shifter. It is strange because there is no steady guideline of how to, or at least that is what most think. They forget one tiny line of the Amia lore, however. The only way to become a shifter is by starting as a druid and it is clearly stated in the druidic lore:

If a Druid multiclasses, they are still bound by oath to use the same weapons they had proficiency via their druid levels

Any druid that acts against the cycle of nature will be either punished by a high council of druids, or be stripped of their title and druidic connections and abilities

This will mean if you in game, as a shifter, decline the ways of the druid oath, you will not be able to cast any druid spells anymore.

The act of shape shifting

As it is said in the game itself:

It is the inner strength of that soul that enables them to take on any shape and remain themselves within.

So in role playing as a shifter, you should watch the confusion of your character. Let's say your character is emotionally scarred and has some kind of trauma. It will be very hard for him to shift since their soul is quite unstable at that moment. A tip on how to use this in the role play and in the hunt may be that you can change forms, however, when you are getting fully buffed you become unstable and your form drops. But eventually you can use your own imagination on how your character will react. Just keep in mind that an unstable shifter is quite weak as a shifter at that moment.

On the opposite, a very stable shifter would be a rather strong shifter. To have more stable a shifter could mean that the shifter has some sort of purpose or cause. For example, devotion to their deity or simply a love for shifting itself. Ultimately the will of a shifter is his power; in a role play my tutor once said to me:

You must remember four things as a shifter:

The love for shifting, your will, heart, focus, and wisdom. The mind holds your focus, your love holds the heart. The shifting love is your heart,the wisdom shows your will. But the will is the wisdom itself....

That is a example of where your shifter can live by, it shows the main sources of your power and can make you a more stable shifter.

The shifter and his personality

The thing with the shifter's personality is rather hard. No shifter is the same, since their power comes from their soul and no two souls are the same. But on the other side a shifter ALWAYS has at least 5 levels in druid which means he has to live by a certain oath at least a part of it. This will mean:

You will always hold a grudge against undead You can only use certain weapons You are a keeper of balance

Despite having to honor the aforementioned conditions, it doesn't always mean you have to be the serious responsible type of person. I mean look at it like this:

Even the most powerful mages can be comedians but still know when to step up. The greatest of druids can have bastard personalities but still know and uphold their responsibilities. The fact you are bound to certain rules does not mean you have to act like it; you only have to live by them.

Now it gets even harder to role play a shifter when you put one extra class to it, I'll give an example:

You are a druid partly which means you live by the oath's of the druid. You are a shifter which means you have to have a stable soul to use your powers at the best.

Now I will add a monk to it, since this makes a strong shifter. It will be very hard to role play though. Let me show you the description of a monk:

Monks are versatile warriors skilled at fighting without weapons or armor. Good-aligned monks serve as protectors of the people, while evil monks make ideal spies and assassins. Though they don't cast spells, monks channel a subtle energy, called ki. This energy allows them to perform amazing feats, such as healing themselves, catching arrows in flight, and dodging blows with lightning speed. Their mundane and ki-based abilities grow with experience, granting them more power over themselves and their environment. Monks suffer unique penalties to their abilities if they wear armor, as doing so violates their rigid oath. A monk wearing armor loses their Wisdom and level based armor class bonuses, their movement speed, and their additional unarmed attacks per round.

This will also give you the power of Ki to control and deep concentration. Here the personality of your character will matter, because monks can only have any lawful alignment. Furthermore, monks have sworn off armor and even some weapons. This poses as a problem in that many shifter forms include weapons or armor. So as a monk you will then dispose of the oath's and get great penalties. This is why people frown upon the build of Druid-Shifter-Monk, because it is almost impossible to role play. I do not, however discourage trying to add the Monk class to your build, since it is a real challenge to try and role play!

I will keep this updated after more research, Naj