Slakh Spider

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Slakh Spider

Slakh Spider.jpg
Type Spawn
Race Vermin
Regions Cape Slakh

Game Description

Slakh Spider

Deprived of their more common food sources and pushed back by the steady patrols between Cordor and the Delta, the spiders seem almost on the verge of starvation.


These are a breed of monstrous spiders, the size of the larger dog breeds. They have eight legs and their torso consists of a head with large mandibles, a chest and a large bulbous body at the end. This large behind produces webs appropriate to the size of these spiders. There seem to be two different types of coloration. On being a dusty brown in a vague clam shell pattern. The other a black flamed pattern on a greenish body.

Those with the flamed pattern are more likely to fling webs at their prey, while the dusty one are more likely to sneak up on their foe and inject them with their poison. Despite being excellent predators these spiders seem to have little natural prey causing them to be less dangerous than a fully nourished specimen. The colony at Cape Slakh hunts together in groups of three to five and are known to approach their victims from above. These spiders will eat about any meat independent of the origins.

Due to their poison, it is not advised to try and eat these spiders. Although if the venom sacs are avoided the meat should be edible in theory. While their venom is not the most poisonous, it could be harvested by a fearless individual. It could be used to coat weapons or perhaps an alchemist or herbalist could produce an antidote out of it.


A poisonous bite and the ability to throw webs.