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The Master Scout can craft various items starting at level 2.

Level 2

The Master Scout can create potions of Muscle's Essence, Nimble's Essence, and Fortitude's Essence. These boost abilities for longer than other potions, but do not stack with other spell or potion ability bonuses.

Level 3

The Master Scout can additionally create:

  • Kaleidoscope Bombs: When thrown at targets with a successful ranged touch attack, they explode in a flash of colors that confuse and deafen if the targets fail a Will save. The DC to resist is 25 + class level.
  • Compression Grenades: This bomb lacks the ability to harm creatures directly; instead, it explodes in a gust of wind that will blow away any area of effect spells. The resulting force will also uncover any traps triggers that are hidden.
  • Shrapnel Shells: When thrown at enemies with a succeeded ranged touch attack, they explode in a burst of force, spraying deadly sharp debris at the victims. Each piece of shrapnel deals d6 piercing damage +1 per class level, with a total of 3d4 pieces fired, spreading out across all hostile targets evenly. They are considered +3 weapons when considering damage reduction.

Level 4

The Master Scout can now create essences which can be used on weapons to add a damage bonus. These count as an application of the Flame Weapon spell (so the effects do not stack with other weapon buffs).

  • Wyvern's Bile: Adds an acidic damage bonus.
  • Auricular Essence: Adds a sonic damage bonus.
  • Sourtooth Venom: Adds a negative energy damage bonus.

Level 5

The Master Scout can devise upgrades for traps that can be applied using your trap tool. These upgrades add new effects to traps. Note that in most cases, the secondary or tertiary effect only applies when a save is failed.

  • Electrical Trap Coil: The distance is which the electrical trap bounces from target to target is doubled.
  • Fire Trap Compression Valve: The intense heat scorches the lungs of victim, dealing 2 CON damage (air genasi are immune).
  • Sonic Trap Intensifier: The intense vibrations shock the nervous system of the target, forcing them to roll both Fortitude and Will to save against the stun effect.
  • Holy Trap Atomiser: The blessed trap components purify undead targets, inflicting them with stacking -1 Attack Bonus for 5 rounds.
  • Cold Trap Heat Exchanger: The intense cold snap causes frostbite, inflicting the victim with stacking 10% weakness to cold for 10 rounds.
  • Blob of Acid/Acid Splash Concentrator: The corrosive mixture eats through protections, inflicting the victim with a stacking -1 Dodge AC penalty for 3 rounds.
  • Negative Trap Lethargy Inducer: The draining trap components sap away the victim's energy, dealing 2 STR damage.
  • Gas Trap Extra Canister: The intense toxins flooding the air are strengthened, causing them to last an additional two rounds.
  • Tangle Trap Razors: On a failed reflex save, the sharp, damaging barbs of the tangle trap dig in and prevent the victim from moving for a short duration, as per the Entangle spell. Afterwards, the victim suffers a Slow effect.