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Svirfneblin, or deep gnomes, are gnomes who live in the Underdark. They pay little mind to history, living in the moment, so how they came to be is a mystery. Gnomish legends tell svirfneblin, like forest and rock gnomes, were born out of gems their god Garl Glittergold discovered – in the deep gnome’s case, rubies. They are wiry and hard, and their skin is gray as the rock among which they live. The males are completely bald and beardless, but females have dark gray hair.

The deep gnomes are often thought to be a twisted version of their surface kin, like duergar and drow, but they are actually good-hearted folk. They are suspicious of any outsiders and usually only trust deep gnomes of their own family and city – a necessary trait in the unfriendly Underdark. They like to keep to themselves and appear sullen and quiet in the company of strangers.

Svirfneblin live in hidden cities across the Underdark, where they mine for valuable gems and minerals and herd deep rothe, sheep and goats. A svirfneblin’s idea of a good life includes quiet and calm years of labour, looking for riches of the earth and taking care of one’s family. Deep gnomes rarely wander out of their cities other than on mining expeditions. Those who do leave are often illusionists seeking more knowledge, or prospectors in search of rich mineral veins.

Racial Traits

  • Abilities: -2 Strength, -2 Constitution, -4 Charisma
  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom
  • Armor Class: +3 Natural
  • Saving Throw Bonus: +2 Universal
  • Skill: +4 Hide
  • Feats: Darkvision, Stonecunning
  • Spell Resistance: 11 + Class Level
  • Spell-like Abilities: Blindness/Deafness, Displacement, Camouflage
  • Level Adjustment: +2