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Feel free to leave suggestions for major changes to the main page layout here.

Few Minor Changes

I have been looking through the main page and thought perhaps we should do a few changes.

So here's mine suggestion;

-Scrap Current Events, not sure what its for and well people check the various forums for that anyway

-Move the races/classes entirely into the d&d field as well it basicly leads to the same entires. Seems a bit moot leading to the same

-We really need to update the rule section.


Maias227 19:08, 26 February 2009 (EST)


I hope you don't mind the google text ads, but feel free to send comments to I feel like the text ads were a non-invasive way to get something out of hosting the wiki, and also donate a bit back to the server. Since I don't play on Amia anymore, seems reasonable! I hope the Amia Wiki proves to continue to be useful.