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Tarkuul, the risen city, is a place that caters to the pursuit of knowledge, nearly by any means. It is semi-sentient, and relays it's wishes via the Voice of Tarkuul.


The laws of Tark

  • Don't stop the pursuit of knowledge and power. Keep what one knows to oneself if you will, but do not keep another from attaining it.
  • All those who come to Tarkuul to seek knowledge and power are to be tolerated as long as they do not break any laws.
  • Do not harm another unless it is in self-defense or if they have been branded an enemy of Tarkuul, then they are no longer protected by any law. Living experiments may be done on enemies of Tarkuul or on creatures possessing minimal intelligence.
  • Do not steal in the city as it can obstruct the victim's pursuit of knowledge and power.
  • Do not hide in shadows within Tarkuul. If you are here to legitimately pursue knowledge, you may do so without spying on others.
  • If you keep these basic laws do what you will. Unless the city deems that it is harmful to the city as a whole.


-733 (Tark’s followers numbering 200)

Archmage Tark, a necromancer assumes the headmaster position of an enclave and focuses on the production and study of necromancy.

-684 – 665 (Tark’s followers numbering 400)

Archmage Tark alienates himself from the Netheres and along with his many followers ceases to communicate with the other enclaves. He and his wayward enclave are mostly left alone, but they are viewed with a certain suspicion due to the rumors of unspeakably advanced and evil magic being researched. Somewhere during this time Tark is believed to have become a lich.

-664 (Tark’s follower’s numbering 600)

Netheres scrolls are stolen, many already suspicious of Tark look to him as a likely suspect. Guilty or not he is charged with their theft. Netheres agents are dispatched to capture him for interrogation. They do not come back.

-665 (Tark’s follower’s numbering 500)

Tark and his followers are exiled from the Netheres empire for the slaying of their countrymen, as well as development of magic too foul for even the Netheres. Netheres strike any mention of Tark and his lackeys from their records.

-664 – 600? (Tark’s followers numbering 100)

Tark and his followers wander looking for a place to create a new, grander tower where they may be left alone to practice what they wished without Krasus or anyone else’s involvement. They find no-place suitable and are continually attacked by elves when it is found out what they are.

-599 Tarkuul founded (Tarkuulians numbering 200)

Tark Raises Tarkuul, a small floating city off the coast of wherever Amia is. Undead are summoned and animated to build several great towers devoted to Necromancy and the dark arts. His followers given rest slowly go back into the Netheres empire and recruit young foolish mages to return to the city, Tark’s followers grow larger again.

-510 Tark assassinated (Tarkuulians numbering 400)

Tark is destroyed by his second in command who was the only one to know of the location of his phylactery. His apprentice Gaul takes control of the city, but lacking any sort of central leadership a small war erupts where each mage kills another for a higher station, usually by subtle means. The longest any one person lasts in a leadership position is two years. Tarkuulians still continue to grow. If anything, the conflict increases their magic prowess.

-509 – 420 (Tarkuulians number fluctuating between 300-1000)

Civil war.

-419 (Tarkuulians number 500)

The latest leader, named Immastus, devises a plan, creates sentience in the Mythillar but only giving it enough sentience to create and enforce laws that Immastus feels Tark represented. Infusing negative energy into the Mythillar, he creates laws which will govern his people. The civil war ends and the corpses of those who died are made into skeletal and shadow guards who eternally watch the city. A council of the brightest is created to govern small details and study.

-418 – 400 (Tarkuulians number 1000+)

A twenty year period that marks huge improvements in magic in the city of Tarkuul. Tarkuulians create a huge number of potent magic items and hugely powerful spells. The members of the council combined (most demi-liches) would be a match for Krasus himself.


Thousands of miles away, Krasus causes all magic to end for an instant. All those living in Tarkuul are destroyed. Any living through magical means are turned to ash, and the rest either have their phylacteries destroyed or are completely destroyed in the fall. The mythillar and parts of the city survive.

-339 – now

Tarkuul remained dormant, the sand of time and the waves covering it until it was forgotten by all. It waited until the shifting earth disturbed it. It awakened and found an enterprising new god who would benefit the city most. Velsharoon.