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Tenek Tribe of Waukeen
“Unity and Commerce.”
Symbol The gold coin of Waukeen engraved with a T-shaped pick-axe
Race Kobold
Territory Cordor
Religion Waukeen
Alignment No Chaotic; all others accepted

• LE, LN, NE, N, LG, NG are accepted
• CG, CN, CE are no longer accepted

Language Draconic, Undercommon, Common

The Tribe

Current Affairs

Very little public presence has been made by the Tenek since the overhaul of their ranks and while there may be speculation of the tribe's eradication, the truth is far more mundane; a wish to stay out of the turmoil of Cordor's changing attitudes lead many Tenek to the ferries, apparently on some manner of pilgrimage to Athkatla. Many of those who did not attend the "business trip" have been busy with more domestic matters of raising the next generation.

Recent Reorganization and Restructuring

The most noticeable change in the Tenek to the public eye is their recent total relocation back to their city of origin: Cordor. Their numbers appear to have slimmed, but their business practices streamlined and general mood lightened. In their wake, a number of kobolds who have splintered off from the Tenek either by their own volition or by expulsion from the All Watcher, still populate the cave under the quagmire and many of them have seamlessly banded into the other tribes and clans that dwelt there along side their Tenek neighbors. With their reduced numbers, the Tenek has done away with its Talons, instead unifying its members to a singular tribal ideal of business, trade, and acclimation to life among the dominant humanoid races, while striving to prove themselves of their belonging in that society as active, productive citizens of Cordor.

The Face of the Tenek

With the spring cleaning, the Tenek has adopted a new tribal standard to reflect their allegiance to Waukeen and their separation from the ideals of the former tribe mates they have since removed from their ranks. There are a number of aesthetics that make the Tenek instantly recognizable and distinguishable from other kobolds, such as gilded mercantile uniforms adorned with coins in place of buttons, perfuming themselves in a gentle cinnamon scent, and all full-fledged Tenek tribe members paint their horns with a gold-colored dye.

// OOC Note: The faction tag 'Tenek' in a character's name is visual, IC representation of what is described above. //


Historical Overview

Like most typical kobold communities, the Tenek were a tribal collective that broke down into smaller clans within the tribe. Within the Tenek, these clans were referred to as Talons. Each Talon had its own function, purpose, and autonomy within the tenets of the tribe as a whole. Each Talon was lead by a Talon Commander that deferred to the All Watcher and the Chief. The symbol of the Tenek was a pick-axe held by as many talons as there are in the tribe.

The goal of the Tenek had always been a vocal one - to unify kobolds within a single tribe so as to claim what they see as their rightful place among the dominant races, prescribing strength and success in cohesive numbers and pooled resources. A keen work ethic was espoused and all tribe members were expected to uphold the traditional trade of mining. Given the less traditional activity of mercantile pursuits in mammalian cities, many of the Tenek kobolds were well-spoken; those that did not already know Common and Undercommon were readily taught by their tribemates.


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