The Black Caravan

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The Black Caravan

The Black Caravan

Thank you for your business.

Location Home Base: Calimshan/Amia
Current Boss Yuri Los'tien aka "Jack"
Previous Bosses Sil'yer
Current Known members Arc (Security), Sol (Security), Esque (Merchant), Caravanner "Shark" (PC Merchant)
Previous Members Caravanner Osprey/Ailahra Fahr (PC Security),
Caravanner Raven/Caelianna Sakkran (PC Security),
Purpose To acquire and provide outstanding goods to the citizens of Amia.


An infamous merchant group largely veiled in mystery. Originally run by the elven female known only as Sil'yer, this mercantile group arrived and seemingly spent most of its time providing unusual and powerful helms, jewelry, boots, armor, and mythals to the populace of Amia. In recent days, the small group of merchants has all but disappeared.

Black Caravan Rules

  • Do not interfere with or harass customers while the Black Caravan is present and doing their sales.
  • Do not resell items retrieved from the Black Caravan, particularly with the intention of making a profit.

Items for Purchase

  • Various helms
  • Various suits of cloth, leather, chain, and plate armor
  • Varying types of protective shields (small through tower)
  • Various pairs of boots
  • Various items of jewelry (namely rings)
  • Miscellaneous items of use (i.e. Puppet Hands - items that cast the various Bigby's Hand spells)
  • Varying types of weapons
  • Black Mythals
  • Homemade ioun stones of varying types

The items presented by the Caravan vary depending on the items imported from their main headquarters.


//In Progress

Active Members


Yuri Los'tien aka "Jack"

Current Known Members

  • "Arc" (Drow Female; Magi Security)
  • "Sol" (Chultan Male; Melee Security)
  • "Esque" (Human Male; Merchant)
  • Caravanner "Shark" (PC Merchant)
  • Members of varying sorts that deal with transport, security, and acquisition