The Church Of Auril

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The Chapel Of Auril
[[Symbol of Auril.JPG|250px]]
None shall escape the Icedawn's Touch.:
Faction Type Religious Organisation,
Heraldry White snowflake on gray diamond with a white border.
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Leader Ice-Diamond, High Priestess of Auril.
Formed XXXX DR
Disbanded {{{disbanded}}}
Races Any apart from any races that are tied with fire. (Genasis, etc)
Allegiances Chillwyk. Winter denizens of the Frozen North, Talos & Umberlee amongst others in the Pantheon.
Alignment Neutral or Evil Tendancies are normally found within the Company of the Chapel.
Enemies Kossuthians, Any whom worship fire. Uthgart Worshippers, Malarites.
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Location Frozen North, Endir's Point Area.
Religion Auril, The Frostmaiden, Icedawn.
Status Alive & Active.


"Cover all the lands with ice. Quench fire wherever it is found. Let in the winds and the cold; cut down windbreaks and chop holes in walls and roofs that my breath may come in. Work in darkness to hide the cursed sun so that the chill I bring may slay. Take the life of an arctic creature only in great need, but slay others at will. Make all Faerûn fear me."

Titles/Rankings Within Clergy

Auril's church had a few males within its ranks, but most clergy of the Frostmaiden were female. Specialty priests of Auril, called icepriestesses and icepriests, made up one-third of Auril's priesthood. The relationship between the specialty priests and the clerics of Auril was very good. The entire church was very loosely and informally organized, and clergy members wandered and were largely independent. Most priests of Auril used only the honorific "Hand of Auril" or "Icebreath," but at temples such as the House of Auril's Breath at Glister the clergy used formal titles.

In ascending order, these were:

  • Postulant
  • Votre
  • Icewind
  • Storm Sister / Storm Brother
  • Frosttouch
  • Lady / Lord Cold
  • Lady / Lord Deep Winter
  • Lady / Lord Cold Circle
  • High Hand of Ice

Notable Events For the Chapel

Holy Days:

Alban Arthan (Winter Solstice), the longest night of the year

Midwinter (Night), 1 Hammer. This was the most holy night of the year for the clergy, a festival of ice-dancing that lasted all night.

Last Storm (Vernal Equinox), 19 Ches

The Coming (Winter Solstice), 20 Nightal. Informal but enthusiastically celebrated rituals where the priests gathered and called howling ice storms down on a region to mark the onset and end of winter.

Different Disciplines Within The Faith.

Within the Frostmaidens faithful and Day to Day activity, It is evident that a widespread level of talent is existant within the congregation, Some act as divine conduits that carry the Frostmaidens breath, Enabling for them to advise the devout and to perform acts of the Icedawn to further the extent of her grasp.

Others within the clergy may well be those that possess martial prowess, With a hardy constitution and with the training with pure Ice materials and the harsh weathers of the Frozen North, These individuals whom use weapons and blades oft find themselves in easier situations than what their training had trialed them through, Some whom show prowess and dedication within the clergy have been named "Frost Knights" on previous instances according to rumour.

There are also those that specialise within the Arcane, Manipulating the very Frozen Wastes itself to his or her command, Learning new stategies and becoming closer with the environment itself, Whispers abound that such would be known as "Frost Witches."

Regardless of what a devout may be skilled in, The Frostmaiden will make use of it.

Recent Events

No doubt there has been speculation in the past that the Chapel of the Icemaiden has certainly had notable individuals that had served as the Heralds of her perilous winters.

Recently It seems that the Snow blizzards within the Frozen North has been increasing in severity as of lately, Huge Winter Wolf beasts run within the mists and blizzard storms almost as illusions to adventurers and locals a lot more frequently than in the past.

Whispers among the local populace of the North speak of a name of "Khuul Khuum" that seems to have frequented the Chapel of Auril, Performing tasks and upholding her ideology and dogma to the letter.

Rumours speak that the figure himself has hearkened to the true calling and thus.. The Winters since the arrival of this individual have grown colder and darker as cycles have past...

OOC Notes

This is just to give an update on the Wiki of the Status of the Chapel(Sorry about some of the odd fields, Im not the best at wiki stuff!). If you wish to enquire on it further you can choose to PM (Ahriman)" on the forums for a bit more information if this setting interests you for a new character. Im more than happy to help.