The Fist Of The Dale

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The Fist of the Dale (Disbanded)

The Fist of the Dale
Residence Bendir Dale
Captain Lyle Torrowfire
Colors Black and Silver
Requirements Resident of Bendir Dale
personal trust of Captain
Display of loyalty and morality
General Alignment Neutral Good

Mission Statement

The Fist of the Dale was a reactionary group of defenders who strive to protect Bendir Dale and the hin way of life, both within its borders, and going out beyond our borders to exterminate threats to our livelihood. They were among the strongest and most talented of their kind, and morally up-standing to boot. While the Bendir Dale Militia serves as the primary line of defense, The Fist of the Dale were right along side them during times of war, battle, or simple policing of the town. The Fist was merged with the Bendir Dale Militia and now stand as one sole line of defense.

Former Fist Members

Lyle Torrowfire - Captain
Lyam Thornhill - Warrior
Biddle Broadfoot - Warrior
Jago Delrithian(?) (The Good One) - Warrior
Ratte - Warrior
Euphemia Tealeaf - Warrior
Jennika Swift - Intelligence Officer
Grindan - Spy/Scout
Drohina - Spy/Scout
Anita Streamer (?) - Healer
Sugrin - Healer
Willow Maynare - Healer
Izzy - Mage Guard
Tommi Twinkney - Mage Guard
Dram - Mage Guard
Hailey Hedgefire - Mage Guard
Egan Winterthistle - Cook
Sally Torrowfire - Morale Expert


When the Bendir Dale town hall exploded, Lyle Torrowfire was particularly upset. While lingering in Cordor, he confronted Lyam Thornhill and Biddle Broadfoot, and explained his idea to create a sort of "elite" guard force in the Dale, like the Law Knights of Cordor. They wouldn't be law enforcers, however. And thus, The Fist of the Dale was born. Currently, Lyle endeavors to make the Dale a safe place, and his Fist a formidable defensive force. It has since grown in numbers and power and the members are well respected in the community. The Fist was later absorbed into the Militia.

Notable Achievements

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