The Flight of the Red Dawn

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The Flight of the Red Dawn

(( Under construction! ))

The Flight was created not only to be a safe place for Draconic Kind, but also a faction that works toward placing Dragons, the superior beings on this plane, under rule of this isle, and their lesser mortal races. We have an unspoken rule to destroy Metallic dragons, kin included, on sight. Metallics assist the weak mortals, and not only assist them but do not use their strength to their fullest and waste it on Humans, and other lessers.

It is our duty to claim back the Dragons' rightful place as the ultimate leaders of all.


We are always looking for new members (surprise, surprise), and welcome interested players with open arms. If you feel like you'd like to join, please contact on Amia forums either Ziacat or RedeemerAutumn (Halen_Van).

Although, we've got a few fancy requirements for membership:

- We prefer Evil alignment, but basically any non-good Neutral goes. Exceptions occur.

- A member should be a Dragon Discipline, Half-Dragon or Pure Dragon. Mind that Half-Dragons and Pure Dragons must be approved by the DM staff before they can be played.


Helena Rios




And a bunch of other lazy gits, who haven't bothered to put their characters here.