The Nightshadows

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OOC Story

The faction was started around one year ago (November/2007) by me (BlackDahlya) and sonic_x. At first, the faction was secretive. However, through RP we were found out and we have some "prominent" members now, but some of our members still have their identity a secret to other Vhaeraunites and only the "leaders" know about them.

Due to the nature of our RP, we tend to take breaks from time to time to avoid the stress that might follow OOC issues. We have peaks of RP: some months we are utterly active, others the faction "die out", and then we get back to action when people (members included) are least expecting.

[Added April 18th] We do not have a physical headquarters yet.

When we have meetings, we are nomadic: the place is usually arranged beforehand through RP in game, or through communication on the forums, currently on an off-site:

The Church is divided in cells, and every cell has its own leader that reports to the higher ranked officials, currently only one: the Dusk Lord, High Priest of the Faith. Your character will be part of a cell depending on his/her class and personality. However, through IC communication, the cell in which your character will be part of is negotiable.

The cells are, currently:

a) House Of Twilight, the body of the church;

b) Spying Cells, self explanatory;

c) Assassin Cell, self-explanatory;

d) Arcane Cell, self explanatory.

Vhaeraun's Dogma

"The shadows of the Masked Lord must cast off the tyranny of the Spider Queen and forcibly reclaim their birthright and rightful place in the Night Above. The existing drow matriarchies must be smashed, and the warring practices of twisted Lolth done away with, so that the drow are welded into a united people, not a squabbling gaggle of rival Houses, clans, and aims. Vhaeraun will lead his followers into a society where the drow once again reign supreme over the other, lesser races, and there is equality between males and females."

Requirements To Join The Nightshadows

Alignments: Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil or Chaotic Neutral characters. Good-aligned characters will not be accepted simply because of the nature of the faith: it's limited to a race, and an alignment range. There's also the fact that Vhaeraunites are known to commit evil acts and ally to followers of other evil deities.

Lawful-aligned characters might be accepted, but they will be studied on a case-by-case basis. RP with the other members of the faction, including the leader, is one of the ways to decide that.

[Added April 18th] However, good-alignments can be accepted if a good-aligned character is in the process of conversion to the faith.

Races: Drow and Elves in general. Half-elves only if half human/half elf.

[Added April 18th] Other races might join, but they will be studied on a case-by-case basis.

Classes: Any class that can be the appropriate alignments is accepted. Clerics will be expected to have at least one of Vhaeraun's domains (Travel, Trickery, Evil). The exception is Paladin. You can make a CoT and adapt it as a Champion of Vhaeraun. But Paladins will not be accepted. Period.

[Added April 18th] Or make your character a BG and RP it as a Champion.

Responsible roleplayers only. We require OOC courtesy to all members and to the server at large. Metagaming, OOC griefing, and "chaotic stupid" are absolutely not tolerated. On the category of griefing, it's included players that tend to make drow male followers of Vhaeraun just to grief players of female drow characters and Lolthites in general.

I ask willingness to RP the doctrine of Vhaeraun and to follow IC orders when appropriate. Vhaeraun is the drow god of males but females are also accepted, for he teaches equality among genders. However, not many female drow worship Vhaeraun. They tend to worship Eilistraee or Lolth. Vhaeraun favors males more, but that's not to say he will refuse worship by a female. While drow society encourages backstabbing and survival of the fittest, Vhaeraun's dogma is not one to encourage that among their followers. Any trickery, treachery and backstabbing is encouraged against everyone else but his own followers. Expect to be ICly punished if you ever act against your own kin. Repeated incidents may lead to your PC being labeled a heretic, and excommunicated from the congregation (and the faction).

For more information, access our forums at

Faction communications are handled exclusively through the forums or RP with the other members.


Send a forum PM to, listing your alignment, build, other characters, religious views, and a brief description of your character’s personality and background. Not all information on your character’s background is necessary, just enough to get a feel for the character and your RP style.

[Added April 18th] Also, considering that Rizzen's name, face and position have been known by a few surfacer characters by now, you can send an IC letter communicating your wish to join and I will probably get to you faster than I would if the PM is OOC.

Guidelines To Make/Play A Vhaeraunite PC

Below are a few guidelines when playing/creating a Vhaeraunite character. They also help a lot against possible metagaming from non-Vhaeraunite characters, be them drow, elf or any other race.

If your character is the kind that worships in secrecy, these are the absolute RULES you should follow and have in mind during the course of RP.

GOLDEN RULE: RP your Vhaeraunite as the most unsuspecting Lolthite.

SILVER RULE: Avoid thought bubbles or emotes describing your disrespect/dissatisfaction/negative feelings towards the females or the males (excessively devout to Lolth), or followers of Selvetarm. Avoid them completely, seriously.

BRONZE RULE: Avoid any mention to your worship of Vhaeraun on your character's In-Game Bio. No mentions of Vhaeraun, ever. Thought bubbles too. Never mention Vhaeraun on them.

The rules above are vital for the success of your RP as a Vhaeraunite character, especially if secretive about the faith. Otherwise, RP as a Vhaeraunite might be more frustrating than fun.

The steps below should be observed when possible.

1) Adapt to the environment your character is living on. If Lolthite, behave as every male should: nod to every male, bow to absolutely every female. If among Eilistraeen drow, it's easier: either you act as a Lolthite seeking conversion, or as if you are Eilistraeen from birth. Also, be careful if you are playing a female character. DO NOT RP inferiority towards a male. An example? Calling other males - kindred or not - Lord or any variation/combos with the word. Example: my lord, lord husband, etc.

2) Social skills at Amia. Players are not forced to roll them, nor accept them. Originally, they were made to be used against NPCs. That being said, one skill is particularly important when RPing a Vhaeraunite: Bluff. This one is a touchy subject. Roll at your own discretion when lying about your faith. When any social skills are being rolled (Bluff, Intimidate, Persuade), roll the counter roll at your own discretion. You are not forced to comply, but it is courteous to do so.

3) Never comment ICly about your faith with characters that you know OOCly to be Vhaeraunite. Even if you are sure that player's character will be a Vhaeraunite, you should always keep in mind that there might be spies around. Only do that when you are absolutely sure no-one is around. Refer to step 4 below.

4) Make sure to use every means available to you to secure a place you are in before talking about the faith: A) Have your Spot skill maxed with gear and spells; B) Have a wyrmling familiar out and possess it ocasionally to look for spies; C) Polymorph into an Umberhulk, but remember that Umberhulks have tremorsense and, as such, if the spy is completely still, completely in silence, your Umberhulk form WILL NOT be able to "see" the spy.

5) After the above is done, lock doors and set traps on them when possible. If you are not in a room, set traps all around you.

6) Due to a bug on NWN that kicks in sometimes, conversations might be heard through closed doors. Either you talk in whispers to avoid the risk, or go to a place where you are absolutely sure (Steps 4 and 5), be by your own experience or not, that no-one will be around and listening.

As many of you might know, the Church of Vhaeraun tends to be utterly secretive about their actions and members. Still, there will always be the one oddball who would like to play a "to-the-hells-with-secrecy-I-am-Vhaeraunite-and-proud-of-it" character.

If you are RPing a character that is openly Vhaeraunite, all the power for you. But be mindful of a few things:

1) Have powerful guards around you. Always. When that's not possible, have available to you any possible means of escape. The drow spell-like ability Darkness is your best friend. Use it as a distraction to allow your escape, or make it easier.

2) Be aware that you will be hunted down by each and every character averse to the Vhaeraunite faith or drow in general. Prepare yourself because you might find more PvP than RP in your wake. Also, most of the times you will not be murdered/sacrificed and your body abandoned. Most of the times, you will be taken prisoner for interrogation - which means revealing secrets about the faction and its members. The result of the interrogation might be ruining the RP experience of your fellow Vhaeraunite players that have been successfully working in disguise so far.

3) Always have up or prepared spells or items that can help decrease the chances of being mind-enspelled.

The Symbol of Vhaeraun