The Order of the White Stag Knights

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The Order of the White Stag Knights
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Motto: To Serve and Protect
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Heraldry Head of White Stag on Dark Burgundy Shield with two crossed Swords
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Leader Reynard d'Aubernon
Formed 1383 DR
Disbanded Not yet
Races Any
Alignment Any non-evil, non-chaotic
Enemies Evil in general
Affiliations Barak Runedar
Former Affiliations
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Location Kohlingen
Religion Helm, Tyr, Torm, etc.
Status Active

Public Statement

The Order of the White Stag is a Military Order of Knights, whose purpose is to protect the innocent, the people, and the values that embody the ideals of Knighthood. We are where the threat rises, standing for what are good and right, where ever we are needed or requested. The White Stag Knights remain true to the ideals that rule Chivalry, those of Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Forbearance, and the precepts and doctrines of the gods represented and accepted within our circle.

We are spearhead to consolidate the sustainable growth of the islands, paragons of justice and freedom, bringing hope where there is suffering and innocent victims, facing adversity with courage. We are ruled under a strict disciplined code of Chivalry, properly training our members to become beacons of service, defense and justice, that other may turn to or follow, always with respect to self-determination of peoples, nations and States.

What we are not We are not Amia’s Police. We are not a social club; we abide by a strict code of discipline. We are neither judges nor executioners; we act only when is necessary and just, or is requested by need to intervene in a conflict. We are not politicians; we are warriors united by an ideal, who form a Military Order of Knights. We are not zealots, trying to impose our principles upon the rest. We are not a Chivalry Order, but a Military Order, which implies strong religious ties to the gods accepted within our circle.

Private Statement

The Order of the White Stag Knights has a simple organization and structure, in order to be effective in their roles and functions.

  1. Grand Maester - General Commander of the Order.
  2. Seneschal - Operative Captain of the Order, and Second in Command.
  3. Knight/Dame - The backbone of the White Stag Knights, full members who have gone through the training and requirements imposed by the Order, reaching the highest status within it. Just as males in this season are called Knights, females who attain the same rank are called Dame; Lady corresponds to a title of the Peer, being a different concept from Dame. Dame is the female equivalent of Knight.
  4. Knight Bachelor - Reserved for returning recruits who once were full members of the Order of the White Stag Knights. Once anointed as Knight cannot be squired again. The Knight Bachelor still has to go through a disciplined process to achieve full membership of Knighthood.
  5. Squire - The most basic form within the Order, the status acquired by new recruits, who are assigned to a Knight to carry out their training, and thus achieve full Knighthood.


Unknown by many, the White Stag is one of the iconic symbols of Chivalry, which happens to have a physical presence in the White Stag Shore in the island of Amia.

  • The Stag or Deer represents harmony, peace and political cunning; also considered a symbol of purity. The horns, when they are alone, represent Strength and Fortitude.
  • White represents wisdom, innocence, peace, joy, concepts that the Order commits to defend for the people of the islands.
  • Maroon (Sanguine or Murray) represents patient in battle, yet victorious.

Recruitment and Promotion


  1. The applicant must submit an application to the Maese or the Seneschal.
  2. The applicant must be interviewed by two or more members of the Order.
  3. Written assessment and report from the interviewers.
  4. The application shall be place in view of the members of the Order.
  5. The members of the Order are requested to share their views on the new recruit prospect, both positive and negative.

Promotion Process

  1. Evidence of good deeds and service for a reasonable time span, to evaluate the quality thereof and if the candidate is ready to be promoted.
  2. Evidence of being a well-respected member within our community.
  3. Evidence of faithfulness.
  4. Written recommendation for promotion from the Knight to whom the Squire or Knight Bachelor was assigned.


This vow is taken once a Squire or Knight Bachelor is considered ready for his path as a Knight of the White Stag.

  • Thou shalt never lie, and shall remain faithful to all thy pledges...
  • Thou shalt acquire all the proper Virtues, without succumbing to hubris...
  • Thou shalt be, everywhere and always, the Champion of all that is Right and Good...
  • Thou shalt perfom thy liege duties, if they be not contrary to the Will of thy God...
  • Thou shalt bear a noble mien, that's trustworthy with friend and reliable with enemies...
  • Thou shalt not ceoil from tine enemy, ingore his transagressions, nor succor his allies...
  • Thou shall redeem defeat with dignity, yet prefer death to dishonor...
  • Thou shalt be generous to strangers, and forgiving of thine peers...
  • Thou shalt be courteous and humble...

Current Roster

  • Grand Maester

Ser Reynard d'Aubernon

  • Seneschal


  • Knight/Dame

Lady Pale Darkness Lightbringer , Isendel Desifeyn

  • Knight Bachelor


  • Squire

William O'Murphy

Honored Former Members

  • Sir Abdullah Fadir
  • Sir Kendrick Burnsblake
  • Candle Juliet Lockrah

OOC Informations

Any applications can be send directly to Holy_Avenger via personal message on Amia Forums. Please, let it be known that these informations serves only for OOC purpose and most of them are not known in-game! (For example Vow to anyone who's not member of the Order). So please, be careful when using these informations.

--Holy Avenger (talk) 08:18, 27 January 2016 (EST)