The Scrolls of Xee - Liturgy

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THE LITURGY OF SHARESS - Hymns, Songs and Prayers


  • Pleasure is the gift of Sharess and free to all, so bring happiness to all those who seek it, and joy to all those in pain.
  • Life is an endless revel, so seek out pleasure at every opportunity, savouring the old and sampling the new.
  • A life without pleasure is a life not lived, for pleasure is the path through life, and pain the door to death.
  • There is no limit to the Goddess' blessing, so let none restrict your freedom to enjoy Her bounty.
  • A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled, but to take without consent is the worst of thefts.


Sharess, Princess of Passion! You enthrall us with the beauty of your voice, and so we adore You!

Bast, Mother of Cats! You bewitch us with the clarity of your gaze, and so we praise You!

Zandilar, Dancing Lady! You enchant us with the grace of your movement, and so we celebrate You!

Feleis, Lord of the Hunt! We thrill with you at the pleasure of the chase, and so we admire You!

Bast, Feline of Felicity! You enrapture us with the scent of your perfume, and so we revere You!

Sharess, Lady of Lust! You captivate us with the gentleness of your touch, and so we worship You!

Short Blessing

Bless us, O Lady, in the giving and receiving of pleasure. Take our pain and give us joy in return, and grant us happiness in all that we do.

Wedding Blessing

I bless you both in the name of the Lady Sharess. I bless you both in the giving and receiving of pleasure. May She take your pain and give you joy, and may She grant you happiness in all that you do, both together and apart. May you love and pleasure each other for all your days, and may you forever share in the Eternal Revel that is your lives.

Blessing at a Revel

O Beautiful Sharess, we are here today to celebrate this festival in Your honour. We are here today to enjoy that great gift You have given us - the gift of pleasure. Without pleasure, our food would be as ashes in our mouths, our wine as swampwater. Without pleasure, our lives would be filled with misery. Without pleasure, our loves would be bitter. I ask that You extend Your blessing over this, Your festival, that we may all take pleasure together, without hurt or harm, hatred or horror. Bless us, O Lady, in the giving and receiving of pleasure. Take our pain, Mistress, and give us joy in return. Grant us happiness in all that we do, insofar as we do it for You and in Your name.


Thank Sharess, that you may feel happiness at the sight of a morning sky, or an evening sky.

Thank Sharess!

Applaud Sharess, that you may enjoy the sound of music, or of a child's laugh.

Applaud Sharess!

Praise Sharess, that you may appreciate the scent of a flower, or of the air after a summer rain.

Praise Sharess!

Venerate Sharess, that you may revel in the taste of fine food, or of a vintage wine.

Venerate Sharess!

Worship Sharess, that you may rejoice in the kiss of a friend, or the touch of a lover.

Worship Sharess!


Sharess watch over me. Sharess protect me. Sharess give me joy. Sharess take away my pain.

Song of Praise

Sharess, our Goddess, Thou art Pleasure -

Thy touch, Thy kiss, our hearts make leap.

Thy gift to us, life's greatest treasure,

Sustaineth us from dawn till sleep.

The means for song and dance to please

Thou hast provided us, thy blessing -

We pay Thee homage on our knees

Then rise, Thy servants, proud Sharessin.

Thou urgest us to new endeavours,

A feast Thou makest of our life.

Thou teachest how to live for pleasure

And join our hands to ward off strife.

In joy Thou keep'st us safe from pain,

In love ensure Thy song is heard.

Each morn we happy rise again -

Embrace the call to live Thy word.

Our hearts are Thine, O radiant princess!

In bliss we sing Thy highest praises,

In Thy name burn sacred incense -

No one like Thee can e'er amaze us.

Each drop of life's sweet joy we capture,

And when time comes to pass the veil

We look to join with Thee in Rapture -

To Thee in death, as life, we hail.

Prayer of Thanks

Sharess, I pray to You now, thankful for the light You have shown to us and to others. We are the messengers of Your wishes for freedom and life; To experience everything there is to see, feel, taste, smell, and hear; To fill us with passion and the truth of what life is; To show one another that there is more to life than day-to-day tasks; To help others to see and decide what they will do after they see; To help others make the choices to fulfill their lives. Sharess, I thank You for this vision of life and end this prayer in hopes of a new day for me and for everyone. Goddess, bless us all.

- with thanks to Priestess Laura Orcotto

Prayer to Defend the Faith

I have traveled far and my curiosity knows no bounds. I delight in every day given to me on this earth, to love and share my thoughts and feelings with others. I thank Sharess for my lust for life and all its wonders. I pray for the wisdom to comprehend Her ways and the foresight to see their implications. I swear by my sword that I will fight to protect the Temple, its priestesses, and all who seek sanctuary within it. I swear by my shield that I will provide shelter and comfort to those in need and to bring as much joy as I can into their lives. I swear by my heart to be true and faithful to Her teachings and to seek Her more each day in all things. This I pray to Sharess.

- with thanks to Laura Silverleaf

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