The Triadic Knights

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The Knight-Templar of the Triad's Light


Location Temple of The Triad's Light, Kohlingen
Former Grand Masters Sir Hector Tormigan
Current Grand Master Lord Yaston Sylgerand
Religon Ilmater, Torm and Tyr


The Triadic Knights are a chilvaric order based in the city of Kohlingen. Its members are followers of the three gods known as the Triad: Torm, Tyr and Ilmater. The full name of the order is Knight Templars of the Triad's light. Their chilvaric nature shows in their eagerness to promote the virtues of the classical knight such as noble conduct and honorable tactics in battle.

The Triadic Knights do officially resemble the church of the Triadic gods, but they always are ready to serve any cleric of the temple of the Triad's light when asked for help. By duty to the Triadic faith, the Knights show their ambition to earn the respect of the high clerics of Torm, Tyr and Ilmater alike.


Members of the Triadic Knights join the ranks as squires. After having proven themselves, members are promoted to the rank of Sir or Lady Knight. The Leader is the Grand Master, who is Lord Yaston Sylgerand at the moment. The Grand Master is responsible for the leadership and the organization. His second is the Marshal, who is sir Azeriel El'Johnson currently.

Some followers of the Triadic gods join the order not as knight, but as lore masters, sages, priests or healers. In this position they support the knights of the order in their battle against the enemies of the city and faith. These people are known as the Keepers of the Triad's Light.


To join the faction contact any Triadic Knight in game. Naturally, only followers of Tyr, Torm, Ilmater and Helm can join the faction. The followers of other gods who are close to the Triadic gods, like Siamorphe and Salandra may also join to the faction.

If you have any question then feel free to send them via PM to Lutra on the Amia forum.


1376 DR - The Defenders of Kohlingen

The Defenders of Kohlingen were the old order of guardians of the city. They were founded by lord Darius Tristam after he split away from the Knights of Benwick over a disgareement on ethics and morals. This year was one of great conflict and turmoil. The brothers Kald and Trent Blake were for a long time perhaps the most famous and beloved paladins of their time. This has however begun to change. Trent Blake joined the ranks of the Church of Bane, though later returned as a paladin of Mystra. The conflict between the daughter of a co-founder of the Defenders and prior Grand Master of the order herself, Sharina Fryar, and the Blakes had become more grave. She tried to prove that the Blake Brothers had contacts with the Banites and Tarkuul itself. This turned out to be the truth, though the Justicar wished not to hear of it.

The newly elected Grand Master Gerian Dragonslayer now led the order, with Sharina Fryar named his second in command and granted the title of Commander. But the reign of the new Grand Master was short. The Justicar approved the proposal of the Blake Brothers, who had lost the election for the seat of Grand Master. This changed the structure of the brotherhood and created a simple council where everyone was equal. Grandmaster Gerian and High Defender Sharina bid the Justicar to release them from their vows and duties and turned their back on the Defenders.

Here the Blake Brothers began. During and after the Wyrmshadow Prophecy the Blakes were the main driving force of the military order. However more and more put down their cloaks and left the order. Soon only the Blake Brothers and Sovann remained within their ranks actively. The reputation of the brothers grew darker, and soon even the City of Kohlingen presented doubts to others. At this time Sir Hector Tormigan, a cormyte who was knighted by the Justicar, and who had previously led the Defenders as Grand Master himself, returned from his travels.

1376 DR - The Founding of the Knight-Templar of the Triad's Light

Not long after sir Hector had seen what his old order had become, he decided to call the servants of Triad together. One of the first to respond was a young paladin named Yaston Sylgerand. Many others heeded the call and soon the new order was taking the place of the old order. This brought conflict between the Defenders and the Triadic Knights in the begining, but sir Yaston Sylgerand befriended the Blake Brothers. However sir Hector was a close friend of his former superior and Grand Master, Sharina Fryar. When she became the Grand Master of the Eternal Order, the ties between the Triadic Knights and the Eternal Order were much stronger than between the Triadic Knights and the Defenders.

1376 DR - The Revolution of Cordor

The Day of Revolution in Cordor: The Law Knights, led by Sir Mark Dorne, approach the Duke's Palace. Soon after, they exit the Duke's Palace and proclaim that Duke Montgomery d'Cordor has willingly abdicated his rule over Cordor. In the following week, a provisional government is formed. The Council, the acting provisional government, makes a public promise of free elections, so that the citizens may have their rightful say in who leads the ministries. A Constitution is immediately approved and publicized, giving hope to a lost community that the government can still remain organized with the abdication of the Duke. Both sir Hector Tormigan and sir Yaston Sylgerand frown upon the rebels.

1376 DR - The Battle at the Temple of Bane

Through the combined efforts of the Triadic Knights, the Eternal Order and the Defenders the Temple of Bane is destroyed.

1376 DR - The Nes'ek Crusade

The dark lord Zhantun was raised by the combined efforts of the Horsemen, Tarkuul and the Church of Bane. With his rise, the region of Khem fell under darkness as the dead rose and his forces moved to conquer and overthrow the living. The Triadic Knights, along with the Weave Knights and the Eternal Order make their way to Khem to stem back the tide. Zanthun creates the big darkness in the Nes'ek and calls Ankh'remun, his historical enemy as his ally. The defense fails and Nes'ek falls as the avatar of Set rises, forcing the remaining opposition to retreat. Horus-Re later defeats the avatar and the origin of this dark horde of undead, the lich priest of Set, is destroyed by the combined efforts of those that defended Nes'ek prior to the destruction.

1377 DR - The Rise to Power

With the departure of sir Hector Tormigan, sir Yaston Sylgerand took the mantle of Grand Master of the Triadic Knights. Under his rule the Triadic Knights rise in number, while the Defenders of Kohlingen collapse, being replaced by the younger order. Only one year later are they however officially disbanded by the Justicar.

1377 DR - The War of Benwick Hollow

Not many months after the Nes'ek Crusade, the Eternal Order faced a foe which managed to cripple the order. This organization was the Black Caravan. The Eternal Order had arrested a mass murderer who was purchasing wares from this dark group, and sparked a conflict which turned into a war. It was demanded of the kelemvorites to pay gold for compensatory damages and apologize, which did not happen as they believed it would be a lie to apologize for conducting their duty. The Triadic Knights, against the wish of the Justicar who appeased the Black Caravan with gold to avoid a war himself, came to aid their allies in this dire situation. But the Chapel of Saint Elizabeth was destroyed.

1378 DR - The Destruction of the Shrine of Screams

The Companions of the Noble Heart arrive to Kohlingen to oppose the Church of Loviatar. Together with the Eternal Order, the Triadic Knights and the Companions of the Noble heart move into the underdark and destroy the host opposing them, successfully slaying the clergy and fiends within the dark sanctum.

1379 DR - The Destruction of the Banite Keep

Guldorand, a village in the Skull Crags of the amian island had been occupied by the Church of Bane. The followers of the Lord of Tyranny had constructed a keep east of it at the coast. Only through the combined efforts of the War Knights, the Triadic Knights, a fleet of Kohlingen, and the Eternal Order, along with many adventurers, could the tight grasp of the iron fist be removed and the keep destroyed.

1379 - 1380 DR - Caraigh

With the support of the Triadic Knights and other organizations, sir Robert Caris-Denoix becomes the Baron of Caraigh. With their aid not only did the sovereign manage to end one banite occupation of the island, but thwart a second. During the second blight the faithful of the Triad continued to stand behind the then abdicated baron, and were a large part of the force he led against the cultists and undead forces of Aigheshed, as well as the Avatar or Orcus. Sir Justin has the Triadic Knights continue to aid after the assault, sending great quantities of food to the refugees at the Shadowflame Manor.

1380 DR - The Cleansing of Kohlingen Manor

In 1380 DR Grand Master Yaston and Chapter Marshall Justin Fairfax of the Triadic Knights, Chapter Master Gagis Silvarna and High Inquisitor Daren Sten of the Eternal Order, Sir Robert Caris-Denoix and Father Simond of the Purity Refuge led an assault upon the Manor. Ever since Earl Manifred had found the tome years ago, it was a cursed place where the dead terrorized the living around it. Earl Manifred was freed of the corrupting force the Necronomicon had over him and willingly was killed by the Imperator to end the curse and destroy the tome. Father Simond heroically perished while covering the retreat of his companions.