The Triunity of Necromancy

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by Cardinal Maioth Maavel of the Eternal Order


The school of necromancy unites the studies of death, undeath and life. These three can be further split to three individual sides of necromancy.

White Necromancy - life
Grey Necromancy - death
Dark Necromancy - undeath

White Necromancy

Spells that manipulate life force in a positive way belong under white necromancy. These spells can be used to restore damaged limbs, blood loss, diseases and more. The most potent and cleansing of such spells are Greater Restoration. It blasts the target with positive and healing energies that remove all diseases, wounds, broken limbs and even Cysts. It is the most potent of all healing spells. White Necromantic spells can be used in a variety of ways. One of them, Undeath to death, is made specifically to combat undeath. The spell counters undeath with its opposite, positive energy and life force, often completely annihilating the undead.

White Necromancy spells:

- Greater Restoration
- Undeath to death

Grey Necromancy

Grey necromantic spells are often known to cause death or instill fear in their targets. These spells do not fall under dark necromancy as they do not drain life energy with negative energies nor cause undeath. Some are often referred to as "death magic" as they can cause instant death in the targets. Others instill fear in their victims and are often used defensively. Death armor protects the caster and harms all who attacks him. Horrid Wilting dessicates the target(s), but not through means of negative energy.

Grey Necromancy spells:

- Death armor
- Fear
- Finger of death
- Horrid wilting
- Scare
- Wail of the Banshee

Dark Necromancy

The spells that create undead, summon undead servants or create new ones by using a dead corpse, twisting it into a hollow shell of its former self, animated with dark and negative energies. Others harm bodies with negative energies, sometimes draining them of life force. Both of these fall under the Dark necromancy term. They often kill their targets in such ways that make them often rise as undead. Sometimes they simply summon an already undead creature. All who use these spells are breaching Lord Kelemvor's laws and are subject to arrest and trial. These spells are an affront to all life, as they twist and drain it.

Dark Necromancy spells:

- All inflict wound spells
- Animate dead
- Circle of Death
- Contagion
- Control undead
- Create undead
- Energy drain
- Enervation
- Ghoul touch
- Negative energy burst
- Negative energy ray
- Ray of enfeeblement
- Vampiric touch