The Violets

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The Violets
The Dark Orb surrounded by a purple glow
Faction Type Secretive
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Leader Vexus
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Races Mostly Tiefling, Drow, and Human
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Alignment Any evil
Enemies Worshipers of Selune, The Dawnguards, The Triadic Knights, and The Baneites.
Affiliations The Coalition of Power
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Location Unknown
Religion Shar, Cyric, and the Godless
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The Violets are a group of sinister individuals who intend to cause chaos where there is order, and bring darkness where there is light. Most of the Violets are outcasts from their respective society who are bent on bringing pain and sorrow upon those who have caused them grief. The group bases their alliance with each other upon common goals, but favors are also exchanged if individual goals do not align. The Violets employ many assassins to kill hated individuals, and use spys to gather information. The main strategy of the Violets is to turn their enemies against each other by pulling strings from dark corners. The tactical aspect of any plan is often very involved, and is often based more upon the twisting of information than anything else.

Joining the Violets must be done in-game. Dedicated players are prefered, and players in several factions are not allowed in, especially if a player has a character in the ranks of an opposing faction. Finding the Violets may be a hard task due to their secrecy, but doing so shows skill and determination for those who wish to join.