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DM Profile

  • Position: Dungeon Master, Server Admin
  • Call Me: TormakSaber, Tormak, Tormy, some other variation?
  • Avatar(s): DM Tormak, Voice of Tarkuul, Shaundakul
  • Forum account: TormakSaber
  • NWN account: TormakSaber
  • Character(s): Torin Starfall
  • My Areas of Focus: Events and quests, admin work, DC items

Personal Information

I'm just your average DnD nerd turned DM in an online RPG... Neverwinter Nights was my first foray into the DnD world, and I've been in love with it ever since. I'm 24 years old and currently saving up for college while working at TJ Maxx. I'll talk to pretty much anyone who asks on anything they ask. I have a vast array of PnP materials at hand, and am relatively knowledgeable on Forgotten Realms lore. On canon Amian lore, if one were to ask me, there's only about 2 people who know more than I do, concerning lore about the Amian Island ICly. I enjoy running events of all kinds, and am happy to help you with your events and personal thingies if I have the time. If you have a question on whether or not a DC item is acceptable, feel free to PM me, but you won't get any real work done beyond a "yes it might pass" or a "no, tone it down" until you make a real request. I do have a mean temper streak at times, and I apologize in advance for any curt words; I tend to be rather painfully honest. I don't abide cheaters in any form and you can expect me to come down probably the hardest of any DM if I catch you.

I have a bad tendency to run myself too thin, especially during events, so please bear with me; I have a habit of trying to both answer questions and run events that require me to be in 2 and 3 places at the same time. Just send me a tell if I've forgotten you.