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City of Ultrinnan

“Any false sense of safety will soon be the death of you.”
Affiliations Unknown to the plebs for the most.

Noble Matrons 1st: Bree'nye Tinnerai
2nd: Xuneera Xull'd'Vharcan
3rd: Shri'stra Kil'ani

Inhabitants and Visitors Mostly evil Drow and other Underdark denizens.

Purpose To destroy enemies of the righteous Drow, protect the faithful and integrate arrivals from the mainland


Ultrinnan used to be the largest settlement in the Amian Underdark, occupied almost entirely by Lolthite Drow and their slaves and captives. It was a void of light, lit only by the artfully placed arcane faerie fires by male mages. Most structures found in the city were carved from enormous stalagmites and stalactites, and it was obvious from the quality of craftsmanship that the "ilythiiri" was a race concerned with aesthetics.

It was destroyed in a large battle eventually flodding the entire city.

The Ruling Council

Ultrinnan was ruled by the Matron Mothers of each of the noble houses. The council was ever-changing due to the constant plotting and assaults made by the various noble (and common) houses against each other. About once every decade or so, a commoner house rised into the ranks of nobility, preferably after the utter destruction of one of the higher houses. The former standing of the houses was as follows:

  1. House Tinnerai- Il'haress Bree'nye Tinnerai
  2. House Xull'd'Vharcan - Il'haress Xuneera Xull'd'Vharcan
  3. House Kil'ani - Il'haress Shri'stra Kil'ani

Prominent Figures

The former leaders of the respective schools and institutes of the now flooded city were as follows:

Ul'athtallar del Arach-Tinilith (Arch Priestess of the Temple of Lolth)
Jhaelryna Xull'd'Vharcan
Ul'faeruk del Sorcere (Arch Mage of the Magic Academy)
Gloth D'Tsab
Ul'saruk del Melee-Magthere (Head Weapon Master of the Academy of Warriors) 
Zanticor Tinnerai
Ul'Veldriss del Valsharen Drow Vel'Xundussa Magthere (Shadow Mistress of the Royal Drow Security Institute)
"Venorik Uss" (Silent One)

The Academy

The Academy is the three schools that govern life in Ultrinnan. They are the only supposedly neutral and consistent feature of Llothite society. Their role is to teach Lloth’s dogma and serve the city’s best interests over that of any single noble house.

Every drow serves and studies in the Academy at one point in life, whether it’s a few years of cleaning or decades of training to High Priestesshood. The Academy is supposed to come before one’s own house and every Ultrinnanyr had a duty to answer its call, at least in theory.


The School of Warfare was the foundation of Ultrinnan’s defence. Virtually every warrior in the city had been through years of rigorous training in Melee-Magthere, which was a necessity for the city’s survival in the hostile environment of the Underdark.

Melee-Magthere was the largest school of the Academy. It was lead by the Ul’saruk, the highest-ranking warrior in the city. He was responsible for the school’s actions and also in complete command over its workings. He was not completely independent, however – The decisions of Arach-Tinilith controlled the other two schools, and the warriors merely worked as the blades of the Academy.


The School of Arcane was responsible for Ultrinnan’s magical prowess. It was the other male-dominant school of the Academy, its students and masters mostly consisted of wizard jaluken. The school trained drow in the use of the Art and studied new magical wonders. The mages, while few, were incredibly powerful and important to Ultrinnan’s army.

The mysterious forces they wielded are also a cause of suspicion: Females didn't like males having such power, which is why the Ul’Faerz’un’arr was appointed to keep a close eye on Sorcere and its leader, the Ul’faeruk. She and the Ul’faeruk answered to the priestesses of Lloth in Arach-Tinilith. Despite the females’ caution, the Ul’faeruk was undeniably one of the most powerful individuals in the city.


The School of Lloth was the most important institution in Ultrinnan. It lied on the highest peak in the city, watching over Lloth’s people. It ruled over the other schools with an iron fist.

Arach-Tinilith had two functions: The actual school teached young females in the ways of the Spider Queen and makes sure the noble houses and Ultrinnan’s inhabitants remained faithful to Lloth. As a temple to Lloth, it performed rituals and sacrifices to please to Goddess and gain Her favour. The city life orbited around Lloth, which naturally made Arach-Tinilith the most essential of buildings in Ultrinnan.

Arach-Tinilith was lead by the Arch Priestess, Ul’ath’tallar. She was arguably even more influential than the First Ilharess, and made sure the noble houses honour drow traditions. It must be said, though, that the Ilharessen were always high-standing members of Arach-Tinilith, and as such they held a lot of sway in the temple’s verdicts. Melee-Magthere and Sorcere served Arach-Tinilith as an extention of its will. Together, the three schools enforced Lloth’s chaotic order and punished rebels with cruelty and determination.

The Vanguard

The Ultrinnan Vanguard was a guard force that consisted of warriors and mages hand-picked from the Academy. The guards were led by commander Paz’kole, a mighty priestess in charge of protecting the city.

The Vanguard was divided into several units, each of which was lead by a captain. These squad leaders were equal in rank and reported directly to commander Paz’kole. Paz’kole also had her own unit of elite drow, but rarely had any use for them. Normal Vanguard answered to their captain, which made the captain responsible for his guards’ actions as well. Paz’kole did not look favourably upon captains whose squads shamed the Vanguard.


Ultrinnan was established after the collapse of Udos Dro'xun and was hidden more deeply and securely in the caverns beneath Amia than was the previous settlement.

A plague ravished the city of Ultrinnan for many months before it was discovered that the then-First House Baenre was responsible. In a coup d'état Baenre was overthrown, their members declared heretics, and a civil war began within Ultrinnan, that was only resolved shortly before the city itself was destroyed.

Places of Interest

The Central District 
The center of Ultrinnan - here were the many streets of the city, fully equipped with a large apartment complex and Bazaar that bustled with trade. It was open for trade with "lesser races".
The Academy District 
Though not the center, the heart of Ultrinnan was here. In the Academy the populace of the dark-elves were instructed in their many arts, whether it be war, magic or the teachings of Lolth. In the Academy District resideed Arach-Tinilith, Sorcere, the Vel'Xundussa Magthere and the Melee-Magthere.
The Residential District 
Another important region of Ultrinnan. The Residential District infamously housed the many dark-elven noble qu'ellar structures, the Pleasure House and a portal to the surface realm; which gave quick access for raiding parties.