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Brooding deep beneath Fearun lies another world, a dark mirror given broken reflections of the surface above. These endless caverns are called the Underdark in children's tales or around campfires or at the council tables of dwarven war chieftains and elven captains. To the folk who live in the lands below they go by many names: The Dark Domain, lightless lands, Evernight, the night below, the Vaults, Cold Hell, the hunting grounds or simply Home.

While many races that live there and even thrive in its harsh environs, those that are aware of a surface realm universally lusts after its resources, soft living, and prey so abundantly available, while at the same time cursing its burning sunlight, mysterious weather patterns, and agoraphobic openness that is anathema to most Underdark races. The inevitable result is a deadly animosity to any surface-world visitors daring to descend into the night below , into a world where even the air one breathes or the ground one walks upon can kill. Such are the dangers facing anyone daring to venture into the Underdark.

Underdark of Amia

The Light less lands below the surface of Amia. There are several areas of note within the dark world below.

Ultrinnan - The dark and beautiful city of the Drow. Here the drow rule and Lolth reigns supreme. A city of dark beauty and littered with both opportunity and dangers. Now flooded and taken over by monsters.

Underport - The dark city of trade. It is a city of dark dealings and rich profit.

L'obsul - This mining complex is found in the continent and is basically melting pot of Underdark races.


The races that inhabit the Evernight are strange as they are dark. They are not known for kindness, save for feigned kindness. Civilization down here is not like it is up above on the surface world. This a Machiavellian, brutal world, where love is as foreign to most of the races as is the light above.

Drow - Deadly, graceful, elegant, treacherous and cunning. All these and more sum up the vicious dark elves that live in the world below.

Duergar - The stubborn Greedy Grey dwarven that are known of their hard work. They sometimes venture to the surface to trade for example.

Svirfneblin - Shy and distrustful of outsiders, the Deep Gnomes are strange creatures in the Underdark where betrayal is as common as food. They are often more peaceful than other Underdark races and they are experts when it comes to gems.

Some other races that dwell in the underdark are Goblins, Kobolds and Orogs, that sometimes venerate to the surface as well.


In Amia the Underdark area is located mostly under the Frozenfar. Little bits of it are under the island of Amia.