Vivian Pierce

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Played by (SFisch)

Vivian Pierce
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Race Human
Gender Female
Age 24
Height 5'7"
Weight 143
Hair Long, red
Eyes Brown
Alignment Chaotic Good
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Classes Ranger
Affiliations And Titles None
Former Affiliations And Titles None
Current Residence Cordor
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Religion None
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Status Alive
Player SFisch

General Description

She appears to be an attractive young human, but not without flaw. Long locks of fiery red hair manage to reach the middle of her back at the longest. Her face is comely, though her brown eyes are rather dull. Her nose is somewhat more prominent on her face, not too much so, however.

The woman's build is somewhat solid for a human. Her arms are more bulky than average, which is an unappealing trait to some. They bear a few scars here and there, though none of them look all that serious. She dresses in light clothing most often. A stout broadsword dangles off her hip in its sheath as well.

In-depth Description

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