Weave Knights

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Weave Knights

“So that those who come after us may have full access to the greatest of creations: the Weave.”
Location Formerly based:
Mystra's Monolith,
Commander None
Classes -
Enlistment Requirements Weave Knight Oaths
Purpose To protect the Weave from misuse, and to defend Mystra's Monolith and its people.


The Weave Knights were a group of like-minded individuals from all across the spectrum of classes and faiths who fight to protect the Weave, Mystra's Monolith, and its residents.

However, during the height of the Monolith's struggle against the vampire lord Count d'Mortegaurde and his coven, the Weave Knights were dissolved by decree of the Headmaster, Ulrik Valis, in an attempt to unify the Monolith in the face of a singular, overwhelming threat. The remaining members of the Weave Knights joined with the rest of the guild.

Prior and Noted Members

The group had undergone many fluctuations both in leadership and in activity. Many of Amia's oldest personages have at one time been numbered among the Knights.

Former Commanders
Vaelmith Starshower
Ulrik Valis
Owen Belmont
Jaqueline Fend
Naliss Phrozenflare
Gagis Silvarna (founder)

Fallen Weave Knights
The following have passed while in the line of duty:

Lieutenant Seth'rinyon Shadowflight
Lieutenant Rydraluin Tyriaen


Do you vow to defend this Monolith, and the Weave, against any and all enemies who would see them harm? Do you vow to keep the residents safe, and to carry out your duties as a Weave Knight for as long as you bear the title?

Do you vow to work with your brethren in-arms, to seek to aid in any manner, to carry out the will of the Council, and to obey your Commander for as long as doing so does not violate your previous oaths?