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Type Spawn
Regions Khem


Whisper: Anger

This spirit has a palpable aura around its glowing, hazy body that seems to be comprised of red mist. Just being near the creature makes you feel slightly more irritable and prone to lashing out in anger and those around you... including the spectres. You swear you can hear noises comnig from it. "Kill him. Strike her. Don't take that, you don't need to." And other such deprativies. [1]

Whisper: Doubt

A creature that seems to be composed of a swirling green mist floats towards you. As it does, you feel like you've begun to second-guess yourself and even your abilities. Old decisions well back up in your mind and remind you of bad choices you've made in the past. Whispers in your mind urge you to give up, to turn aroundm to run away. [1]

Whisper: Spite

This dull yellow mist hovers towards you, coalescing some of its form into hazy claws to swing them at you. As it does so, you hear voices coming from the creature, swirling in your ears. The voices speak of petty jealousies and old hurts, telling you to lash out at your allies in vengeance. [1]

Whisper: Regret

A green smoke seeps out from the ground and walls, forming a wraithlike creature with white eyes and insubstantial hands that end in "claws". As it nears you, you feel a tug in your mind, old regrets and old choices coming back to the fore. They remind you of decisions that you'd thought long gone, and while your mind is preoccupied, the spirit strikes at you. [1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.