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Type Epic Boss
Regions Abyss


The titanic dragon that stands before you, at one time, must have been a specimen to behold, a powerful blue dragon. But years in the abyss have taken its toll on Windreaper, who used to be an intelligent, clever Blue Dragon who had much of the desert of Zanshibon under his influence. Now the corrupting energies of the Abyss have turned him into a ravenous beast, consumed with the desire to cause as much havoc and carnage as possible. His scales, once sapphire blue, are permanently stained with blood, and in some spots seem to have given way to a deep purple color. His bi-horn, once the color of sandstone, is now the color of volcanic pumice. His tongue is now forked, like a snake's, and the eyes, once bright sky blue, are now the color of a dark cloud bearing a thunderstorm. All signs of intelligence are gone from him, and he rushes towards your party of all four legs, heedless of the danger to himself, and ignorant of any help the demons try to give him. [1]


Windreaper, along with his rival, Zamishar, a Copper dragon who is now deceased, have lived in and around Zanshibon since before the island sunk into the Abyss. When the two dragons descended into the Abyss, the planar travel affected them both in different, yet predictable ways. Windreaper's Lawful Evil outlook became twisted, and he was sent spiraling down the road to Chaotic Evil. His normally impeccable thought out plans, his well made lairs, and in iron fisted control of the desert he claimed as his own, began to falter. He became more erratic, striking out at anyone and anything for literally no reason. As time went on, he began to lose his very sanity. This day, all that remains of Windreaper is a mindless feral killing machine. His hoard exists, though is long forgotten by him. He exists only to slay and murder.


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.