Winyan Council

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Winyan Council
Winyan Council
Winyan Council

“We serve the People before we serve ourselves.”

Location Winya Ravana
Current Councilors

Floriane Taurielle
Voronwer Amakiir
Kaithan Cylverand
Azaquis Eilefel

Requirements Of Elven heritage.
Faiths The Seldarine, or their allies.
Purpose To protect Winya Ravana from its enemies on Amia, and to lead the People.

The Winyan Council is the ruling body of the elven city of Winya Ravana.


The first Council was formed after Queen Floriane Taurielle abdicated. There are five seats in the Council, which are put to vote after their term of eight years (8 real life months) or an election is called upon by the people. The candidates must be Quessir of good standing with the Seldarine and the city, and likewise only such Quessir are allowed to vote. In addition to the elected Councilors, the High Priest of Corellon Larethian, Vilmandel, holds a permanent seat on the Council and has veto rights. He is the voice of the Seldarine within the Council.

A great burden rests upon the shoulders of the Councilors. They are expected to lead the city skillfully and safekeep the people from the vile dangers on Amia.

Workings of the Council

In accordance with the New Council Politics act, section 3; a Council is elected for a term of eight years (8 real life months). An increased need for transparency in the Council's decisions led to the NCP Act (New Council Politics). As stated by this act, citizens can now comment openly on any decision made by the Council at the appropriate notice board.

All Council laws and decrees are available from the library.

If a Councilor deems him or herself unable to bear the Councilor's mantle one can step down from the position; in this case, the former Councilor may choose his own replacement. If a Councilor is dismissed from service, a special election is held to fill the vacated seat.

Current Council

Following a period of several years in which the Council was disbanded due to the loss of confidence of the People, during which time the city was ruled by Vilmandel alone, the Council was re-established in DR 1380. The re-established Council was elected on 6 Ches of that year, and currently comprises:

Floriane Taurielle
Voronwer Amakiir
Kaithan Cylverand
Azaquis Eilefel

The initial membership of the re-established council included Meldrium Verafend; however, he stepped down from his post within a moon of having been elected, deeming himself unable to serve. He was replaced by Thysaeryl "Forestsong", by Council vote. Two moons later, Thysaeryl was dismissed from the Council due to significant opposition from the People of the city. The seat thereby made vacant was filled shortly thereafter by Arion, by special election. Rulings and announcements of this Council can be found here, here, and here.

Former Councilors

Thysaeryl "Forestsong"

Kell Ap Morgan

Mahadia Valadhiel

Cei'ali Inili'a

Kael'thaes Rel'fin

Meldrium Verafend

Ky'irael Alean'arnith

Amareth Norre'altin

Amber Tyrintar

Faelar Laelithar

Harhollil Starsinger


Ista'sinta Ohtar Tel'selu

Gillaria Avares

Mebrinade Ameshalen


Beliander Hath'narviel

Aergis Ara'Arivae