Z'ar Tenek

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Z'ar Tenek (New Tenek)
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Strength and Unity
Faction Type Kobold Tribe
Heraldry N/A
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Leader Kazyyk
Formed 1380 DR
Disbanded N/A
Races Kobold
Allegiances None
Alignment N/A
Enemies None
Affiliations None
Former Affiliations None
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Location Quagmire Caves
Religion Varied
Status Active

The Beginning

For many years, an old and frail kobold that went by the name of Kazyyk had traveled the lands of Amia in search of other kobolds that he could call worthy to be a part of his his vision; of the New Tenek tribe. It was then for many years that he had found none, yet on he went still. He thought that if he couldn't undo his past, he would help forge a new future. This was far easier said than done, of course.

It was only two decades after his initial search that he had stumbled across, quite by chance, a young kobold that went by the name of Valignatir, and with Valignatir he spoke of his vision, and Valignatir made the second of New Tenek.

Days prior to his discovery of Valignatir, however, he had made a rather passionate speech in the midst of the hin village known as Bendir Dale. There he stood amongst those mistrustful of him and his kind, yet he cared not and only then began to speak publicly of his desire to restore the Tenek, not in the ways of Old but the ways of a new and better Tribe. This was his vision, and he was determined to have it. Fortune shined on him for the days that followed.

After Valignatir was discovered, Kazyyk began to pass out Old Unused Tenek brooches from his old Tribe. He isn't certain where he'd gotten these from, exactly, for his mind is old and foggy from age. However these insignias marked the kobolds who held them as members of this rising new Tenek Tribe, and all who took them had taken them with pride.

Soon after, followed Hikriss, one who was found inside Bendir Dale. It was this time, Kazyyk had decided to begin the process of determining worthiness in his fellow Kobolds. The plan so long ago made, and so little progress taken, was now beginning to bear fruit and he would be devoted to this task for the rest of his life, if he must. This was not be given up, and the crop of new kin that were making their way to him at the promise of a new Tribe was exciting.

Hikriss was then permitted to bear an insignia after brief questioning, whose question would become standard for all of those who were to be judged. The question was but a single one: "What is your opinion of Gnomes?" And this question bore much significance to Kazyyk, for as an elder who knew the folly of harboring hate towards these creatures, and any kin who could not give this up would most assuredly not be worthy of his Tribe, for his vision was of a Tribe in which kobolds of every type and faith would be a part of, in which no deity was held above any other and that unity and strength could be found in diversity and variety.

Tanzek was but a kobold who was admited for they held true to the standards of which Kazyyk had been seeking. Anything more, cannot be said, as the old Kobold simply does not remember, for Tanzek has made too few an appearance afterwards. It is for this reason that this kobold was replaced, and no longer is a part of the council of Seven.

N'Kazi, a kin who was found to be a valuable asset to the Tribe, so long as the Tribe were put before all else. Kazyyk was initially unsure about this one, but had deemed him worthy, and so he held a brooch among the rest.

It was around this time, approximately, that the Kazyyk had declared in honor of the Old Tenek ways, and to prevent abuse of the Tenek brooch, there would be mandatory painting of each kobold's horns with a design so intricate that it would be rather impractical to fabricate, and would take much difficulty to do so. It was the honor of Valignatir to take upon this task, and with his steady talons, to paint the horns of the other members. So was this made, and stands true today.

Zeo is a kobold that Kazyyk found himself to be able to relate with, it reminded him of his younger years. This kobold drew upon the natural talent that all kobolds possess in their blood, and showed much promise. Kazyyk asked the question, and recieved a neutral answer, and thus Zeo became the fifth of the Seven required for the First Meeting.

Lowe, a dragonwrought. Kazyyk was very unsure of this one, and distrusted and disliked him with a vile appreciation for the dragonwrought form that was more envy than hate. Nevertheless, Kazyyk asked him the question, and further still more questions, and deemed him worthy and honored in that a dragonwrought was to be a part of this new Tribe of kin.

Tiki is a young kobold of who Kazyyk sees as a harmless kin who could grow strong and be effective for the Tribe, if properly taught of course, and the Tribe as it stands seemed more than welcome to help this one. Kazyyk did not question this one, as he were vouched for by Hikriss, and Hikriss was trustworthy in Kazyyk's eyes. Simply Tiki had to perform a simple task, being initially a shy Kobold when around the others. The task was simple: Walk to Kazyyk, stand in front of him. That was all. Tiki did so, and recieved a brooch as of result, marking him as the final Seventh.

The First Meeting is still being planned as of today, yet all the Tribe eagerly awaits it's arrival. There will come a day when the Meeting will be held, and the diverse Seven will meet, and the Tribe will finally begin, and Kazyyk will rejoice inwardly, for this... was his vision being breathed into reality.

The Seven

In order of acceptance

Valignatir Xarzith
Hikriss Wyrmfang

Other Members

In no particular order