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  • Location (from Cordor): Accesible through the portal in the ruins of Mystra's Grove
  • Population: Various Outsiders, Humans, Drow
  • Government: Despotism, ruled supremely by Paush
  • Size: City
  • Religion: Various evil gods and deamon lords.
  • Imports: NA
  • Exports: NA
  • Business and Trading: NA
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil, Lawful Evil


Zanshibon was once a very corrupt city that exists elsewhere than on Amia island (the only way to reach it was through the portal in Mystra’s Grove). It harbored a very decadent society that slaked anyone and everyone’s carnal and material lusts to their heart’s desire.[1 ]

A prophecy came to pass that three gates of the abyss would open [2], and one by one, heroes were tricked into opening them. The final gate required someone of Celestial blood to open it. The Keeper of the third approached Gabriel Judicator and demanded that he open it. Gabriel refused, and was cast down in a furious fight. He barely survived.

The Keeper then approached Jiharu Kusama and told her that she had a choice: she could condemn one of two cities, either Cordor or Zanshibon, otherwise the island would be completely destroyed. Jiharu wisely made a deal with him. She told him that she would in return for his True Name. He agreed, and Jiharu opened the portal, condemning Zanshibon. The demon thought he had tricked her, because opening the portal meant that the entire world was his to play with.

Yet Jiharu had sensed this and she used his True Name, Ghaunadar, and banished him from the world. He had already conquered Zanshibon and so it vanished into the Abyss along with him. The city now exists as a scornful mockery of what it was. [1 ]


Zanshi map

1 -Citadel of Paush

2 -The Velvet Quiver

3 -The Bazaar

4 -Haji's Instruments

5 -The Demon's Den

6 -To the Wastes