Ailahra Fahr

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This character is no longer active and should not be expected to be seen in game.
Ailahra Fahr

Quote: “To find happiness, sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things you love in favor of others."
Race Moon Elf
Age 146
Height 5ft
Weight 95lb.
Hair Dark Brown
Eye Blue
Alignment Neutral Good
Gender Female
Classes Fighter 9/Bard 2/Arcane Archer 19
Affiliations And Titles None
Former Affiliations And Titles Ranger Captain of the Grove, Defender of Kohlingen, Weave Knights, Caravanner
Current Residence Arvandor
Religions Solonor Thelandira, the Seldarine, Mielikki
Player Koragi Mydnite

This character is deceased.

Played by Koragi Mydnite.

Ailahra is friendly enough, and will usually help those she sees who need it. Currently, she lives in Winya Ravana, spending much time patroling the forest, or practicing with her bow.

Ailahra stands five feet tall. She is slender and has her own measure of grace, her arms visibly strong and a finely-crafted bow of dark wood seldom away from her fingers. Her skin used to be covered in scars, but thanks to some clerics, the numerous marks from her past have disappeared, for reasons of her own. Her dark blue eyes are sharp, taking in the shadows and every bit of the surrounding area. Her ears are always perked, listening intently to the wind, the smallest whisper of movement, and even different voice tones as she attempts to detect lies and general dispositions. She keeps her hair mostly tied back with a small cord. The rest does whatever it wants and hangs loose about her face, framing her soft, pleasant features.

Ailahra wears a thin, comfortable suit of cloth armor, a gift from a close friend. The powerful bow she wields lies in her hand most of the time, clearly an extension of herself, a part of her very existence. A warm cloak rests on her shoulders and she carries a small pack with most of her belongings in it.

She wears five rings, their magical or personal value obviously important to her, as they almost never come off her fingers. She also wears a single amulet with a cold grey stone lying against her skin. She rubs it between two fingers often during moments when she stands still, slowly peering around her position.

Her voice, while friendly, often bears a commanding tone. She speaks confidently, and tends to curse often if something goes wrong. She greets newcomers with a smile and gives trust to those who earn it. Though once broken, that trust is hard-pressed to earn back.

She is a follower of the Seldarine and Mielikki, a Grove Council Member, a member of the Weave Knights, and a very avid hater of Undead. Ailahra has a daughter named Ilythalu Shraramir, fathered by Qirlan Shraramir, after whom the young rosey-haired sun elf takes.

Ailahra died after an altercation with the Black Caravan, but she was raised shortly after and hidden away in secret by her dearest friend. Now that the reason for her hiding is gone, she has emerged again to continue to protect her home. She still carries the deformation forced on her by the Black Caravan - her left eye is missing, the socket filled with a dangerous black tar-like substance.

Her existence ended for good when the Quintessence plague which swept Amia infected her. Her sorrow over the great losses she had suffered had weakened her body's constitution. She could not fight off the terrible infection.