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Played by AlannaMolov

Alanna of Wharftown

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Quote: “Moonlight guide.”
Race Human (Natural Lycanthrope)
Age Appears 30
Height/Weight 5'10", 130 lbs
Hair White, straight, cut just above the shoulders
Eyes Light red/pink
Gender Female
Classes Ranger/Rogue/Fighter
Affiliations And Titles

Hands of Ieriyn, Captain; Priestess of Selûne, Branded Phoenix Member

Former Affiliations And Titles Member of Ralten's Band; Captain 2nd Class and Field Marshall of the Western Expeditionary Force, Arcanum War
Current Residence Longtime resident of Wharftown
Religion Devout of Selûne, also follows Tymora
Known Languages Common, Chondathan, High Chondathan, Illuskan, broken Elven
Player AlannaMolov

Basic Description

This platinum haired woman looks to be in her early thirties; Chondathan, though her noble, severe features hint at some Illuskan heritage. Any resemblance to her countrymen ends with her pearly complexion and unsettling eyes - a mix of ghostly blue and pink with dark red pupils. Her height, just shy of six feet, and a pair of blunt fangs in her smile do not help matters. High cheekbones, a long straight-bridged nose, and sharp jaw could be intimidating were it not for her penchant for laughter and soft, expressive mouth. Her hair falls below the shoulder blades, thick and straight, with side swept bangs that rest just above severe brows.

Though her dress and mannerisms tend towards masculinity, her body is pear shaped with small breasts and waist, wide hips, long legs, and the willowy muscle tone of a gymnast. She is rarely seen without a pair of daggers strapped to either thigh and a haversack worn crossbody stacked with potions and wands. Her voice is a velvety alto but has a lively range, emphatic and full of spirit.

Other Noticeable Traits

She almost always wears rings bearing the holy symbols of Selûne and Tymora.

She favors her left hand, but switches between both easily in combat.

Her right palm is covered moderately severe burn scar; a long, thin line extends from her right ear to her left collarbone; and on the right shoulder blade her name is precisely carved in Draconic. The rest of her body has the nicks and scratches typical of most adventurers.

For someone with the table manners and social grace of an animal, she speaks very well, as if raised by the affluent, but only during times of great distress or when discussing overly serious topics.


Alanna was born in 1346 DR, The Year of the Bloodbird, in a remote Keep in the Silver Marches maintained by her mother's husband Roland of the Black Lion tribe. Alanna's mother Alma was the second daughter of Maeve Talmost, a member of Waterdeep's wealthy merchant nobility. The details of her parents' marriage were strange - though Talmost was of Waterdeep's lesser noble houses, sending one of their own to a frozen outpost to be the bride of an Uthgardt savage was unheard of, even if the match did provide a lucrative trade in exotic furs and hides for Talmost's famous clothiers.

At sixteen, nearly starved and clothed in rags, Alanna arrived to Amia on a boat from Calimshan just as the Horde Wars were beginning. In the twenty-one years that she has called Amia home she has been knighted by the d'Cordor family for her service during the Great Quake, numbered among a small group who first identified the threat of Colin Reyes and fought him over seven long years, served as a leader on Kohlingen's War Council and on the field during the Arcanum War, and slew the powerful blood mage Amon, a disciple of Reyes. These are just the deeds most often attributed to her; she is rumored to have her hand in many more, and is afforded at least a measure of respect among most of the goodly folk of the island.

Alanna claims to be largely retired and prefers to stay away from politics, though she remains a member of the Branded Phoenix, a paramilitary group responsible for several major operations during the Arcanum War. She is also the Captain of Wharftown's militia, and handles much of the settlement's diplomacy and trade. She currently lives in Wharftown with her lover, Valerius Everguard, one of the island's most infamous magicians, and her two children.


Vyashir Indrire- Elven, former husband

Cael Indrire- Son by Vyashir

Saoirse Indrire- Daughter by Vyashir

Gorthod Wenthur- Tiefling, former husband

Valerius Everguard- Current mate