Amaera Eytheraheal

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Amaera Eytheraheal

Quote: “*Stares*”
Race Wood Elf
Age 120 years
Height 5'2ish
Weight 110lbs
Hair Copper
Eyes Green
Alignment True Neutral
Gender Female
Classes Bard/AA
Affiliations And Titles Alnen_Lorindol
Former Affiliations And Titles [[.]]
Current Residence Amia Forest
Birthplace .
Patron Dieties Primary: [[.]],
Secondary: [[.]]
Known Languages Sylvan, Elven, Common.
Player Jen

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Played by Jen. No longer played on Amia. Character has moved to Ravens Bluff/World Serpent Inn.

General Appearance


An elf of little physical beauty but maintaining a well muscled physique, most often stoic and indifferent of expression. Her hair flows at will despite often being shoved into a mass on the top of her head and held in place with two bone pins, it steadfastly remains rough and bristly and at odds with the finely structured elven features. More often than not, a few twigs or leaves come to rest there until they fall free. Around her neck is a finely carved and intricately painted Weirwood ocarina whistle dangling off a simple leather strand.

Dressed in a plaited tunic of braided cloth interwoven in various earthen colors, the outer linen given fur linings, one or two discarded legfeathers of the giant owls of the high forests, various other adornments, and fastened at the shoulders with thorns set at alternating angles.

These thorns hold loose flowing fabrics that serve as a sort of armor known as Twist Cloth. When observed in defense of an attack, proficient wearers twist and sway within the armor, causing their opponents to strike empty air rather than armor whenever they miss with an attack.

Subtle designs that simulate a the patterns and colors of ancient forest woodlands are painted upon the armor, these change slowly to mimic exactly the surrounding forests with a process termed Glamerweave which embues the armor with bits of illusionary magic.

Forever gripped firmly in her hand, or hung over a shoulder, and even held onto while sleeping... is a lustrous bow polished into a high sheen, reaching a good foot or more in height over the elf. Crafted from some sort of white oak and strung with golden wire with line of sylvan running up the side - carved in tiny script too small for anyone to read without close examination.

Strapped on alongside her pack is a quiver of arrows that holds a cache of various arrows. Another elf might recognize some of these by the banded colors of the feathered ends. Arrows for signaling with birdsong whistles shot through the air, arrows with hollow tips that expel poisons or alchemists mixtures on contact, and so on.