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Recommended Amia Files

This file contains custom heads to enhance character building and provide more variance in Amia's gameplay. You are not required to download this file. Also note that if other's do not download this file that they will not be able to see your head and vise-versa.

This is a Hand & Foot override that changes the Fists of Doom (and the ugly BioWare feet) to actual hands and feet with fingers and toes.

Installation Notes

Installation: Extract the [.zip/.rar] contents into your Neverwinter Nights/override folder. If you also use CEP or other hakpacks, you may wish to extract the Amia heads to a separate new folder and change the folder names depending on which server you wish to play on. Ie, when playing on Amia, rename your override folder containing hakpacks to something else and rename the Amia override folder to "override".

Optional Files

A collection of the custom protraits used for various characters. The contents of the rar file needs to be extracted to the Portrait folder in your Neverwinter Nights installation folder. If you do not have not you need to create one. Alternatively the portraits be placed in the override folder. If done so they will not appear at character creation.