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The history of Amia PC (Pre-Cordor)

  • The Time of the Creator Races, the small tropical island of what will today be Amia becomes home to a mad Cleric of Tiamat seeking to dominate the rest of her reptilian race. Many evil dragons come to Amia so they may bask in the glory of High Priestess Kaedre.
  • The creator race wages war with Kaedre forcing her into slumber along with many of her worshippers deep within the earth. They kill or drive away all the dragons but a handful of white and green ones living in the Skull Crag Mountains. The creator race then dominate all of the island.
  • The native Myrats, a race of iron-skinned giants, are enslaved and forced to build a dark temple to focus the power of the creators in the valley of the Skull Crags. The temple is then used to create a race of twisted, violent hybrids from the peaceful Myrats called Mylocks. This also costs the Myrats the lives of the females of their race, dooming them to slow extinction. The temple is also used to spawn other slaves, horrid beastmen and yetis, to name a few things spawned by its dark magic.
  • The creator race is defeated and the age of dragon and reptilian rule comes to its end. The first elven king and queen grant the few remaining Myrats with immortality so they may guard the dark temple against future evil. The mylocks, free of their masters, flee into the wilderness. The beastmen hide in caverns in the earth and many of the creatures created by the dark temple flee across the island. Time passes and the age of ice claims much of Toril.
  • The ages of ice ends and much time passes, the drow fall and history goes on, the Mylocks slowly start to rise from barbarism and begin to worship the abyssal lord of minotaurs, Baphomet. The beastmen are not so lucky and only sink more into their feral nature and lose any hope of reclaiming the glory of the race who created them. The white and green dragons are no longer found in the Skull Crags, but the mountain wyrms, greenish dragons with ice breath, are believed to be the results of breeding between the two.

Dated Times

From here we will use DR (Dale Reckoning as it is the accepted manner of historical keeping in Faerun)

  • -2637 - The recorded history of humans begins as the first human cultures Chult and soon Mulhorand are founded. The elven empire is at its peak. The Mylocks found a great city and claim a culture that could one day rule the island. Their lands are what is now Bloodmoon Pass, the Mylock hills, Wyrmhold and the Bitter Coast. Ages pass as the Mylock nation grows into an empire, they war with the savage beast men and much goes on while the Myrats continue to guard the temple.
  • 1 - The Year of the Sunrise. Dale reckoning begins.
  • 261 - The Year of Soaring Stars. Myth Drannor's Mythal is laid. Meanwhile the elves at the height of their great empire build a settlement on the island of Amia. The blood thirsty Mylocks attack the elves in retaliation, but Elven high magic and superior combat strategy drive the Mylocks back, who prove no match for the elves. Unknown to the elves the drow have eyes on Amia as well, establishing a fortress and a dark tower that rises to the surface at the location of what is now Cordor. The drow start to fight the elves in an attempt to claim the island.
  • 650 - Year of the Dark Night. The drow and elves of Amia turn their sporadic fighting into full war. The conflict sees the Mylocks made slaves to the drow and much of their culture declines under harsh drow rule. The beginning of the end of the Mylock empire starts.
  • 700 - Year of the Falling Swords. The elves are driven back and forced to flee Amia, taking much of what they made with them. Drow victory comes at a price however - the Dark Tower is collapsed and the drow fortress is buried, leaving only a few sporadic houses and entrances to the surface left. Free of the drow and trying to reclaim their glory the Mylocks Build Stonehold. Sadly all they do is bring the attention of a devil who enslaves them. The Mylock race never recovers from its fall into barbarism and even their great city eventually falls to ruin. For ages Amia remains uninhabited save for tribes of Human barbarians that worship Malar (descendants of drow slaves).
  • 1000 - Year of Wailing Winds. Humans land on Amia and its current history begins. Cordor is built and ruled by the duke.
  • 1352 - Year of the Dragon. Encouraged by their success in Telflamm, the Thayvians arrive on Amia to test expand their network of enclaves.

  • 1358 - Year of Shadows. The Time of Troubles. Gods walk the earth, and not all return into the heavens. All sort of trouble ensues, and certain fiends grasp the opportunity to realize their sinister plots. One archfiend turned its attention on Amia, but was stopped by adventurers. As a result of the tumult, however, Zanshibon was lost and hurled into the Abyss.

  • 1359 - Year of the Serpent. Yamun Khahan invades Shoul Lung, but then steers his Tuigan horde to the west. After some skirmishing, the Tuigans make peace with Thay who transport them north to Rashemen, where they fight the witches and berserkers.

  • 1360 - Year of the Turret. As the Tuigan horde travels further west, many nations rally to Thesk to meet them, the crusade of Azoun IV being the most prominent force. The Tuigans are defeated, and the Purple Dragon, Azoun, beats Yamun Khahan in single combat.

  • 1362 - Year of the Helm. The Horde Wars begin. Large bands of monsters attack settlements and travellers all around Amia. Cordor takes a leading role in defending human civilization.

  • 1367 - Year of the Shield. Dwarves of Clan Warcrown, together with knights of Silverymoon, retake the Citadel of Many Arrows from the orcs and restore its name Felbarr. Emerus Warcrown is crowned king.

Khelben ”Blackstaff” Arunsun unmasks and resigns himself as a Lord of Waterdeep.

The Reclamation Wars of Tethyr begin. Zaranda Star begins to gather support all around Tethyr.

Drak'law, Layla, and the rest of the Emberblaze family take over Stonehold and rename it as Wyrmhold. The Dark Flight destroys the town of Benwick, which results in the scattering of the local metallic dragons and Imperator retreating to Kohlingen. Over the following years, the chromatics of the Dark Flight make occasional appearances and cause some disturbances, unchallenged by their goodly kin.

At the end of the year, Duke Montgomery of Cordor disappears. A Council is elected to rule the city. It mostly consists of famous adventurers.

  • 1368 - Year of the Banner. Velsharoon ascends to godhood.

Church of Cyric launches inquisitions in Yûlash, Darkhold, Teshwave, Zhentil Keep, Citadel of the Raven to cleanse Zhents of non-Cyricist priests. Later this year, Fzoul reads aloud from the True Life of Cyric, revealing the god's betrayal, which causes havoc as Cyric-summoned monsters sack much of Zhentil Keep. This signals the end of Cyric's influence within the ”Moonsea Zhentarim.” Over the next decade the city is rebuilt and Fzoul, leader of the temple of Bane and the Zhentarim, assumes position as its despot.

The Font of Knowledge, the latest major temple of Oghma, is finished in Waterdeep

Major trade routes between Maztica and Faerûn are finally opened to all, seven years after the discovery of the New World (though sabotage and competition are still involved).

Thay opens enclaves in Cimbar, Phsant, Proskur and Tsurlagol. The zulkirs increase the production of magic items for export. Thay causes havoc in Rashemen, setting fire to the woods

The Reclamation Wars: Crown Prince Haedrak rallies volunteers in Waterdeep to his army, sails to join Zaranda's loyalists in Tethyr.

Events of the Baldur's Gate (novel) series.

Events of the Dream Spheres.

  • 1369 - Year of the Gauntlet. Iyachtu Xvim is freed from his prison under Zhentil Keep and becomes a lesser god.

Demons from Hellgate Keep attack Silverymoon, Citadel of the Mists and Sundabar, causing much damage. Harpers destroy Hellgate Keep with the Gatekeeper's Crystal, and unknowingly free the Dlardrageths from their millenial prison.

The Reclamation Wars end, Queen Zaranda and King Haedrak III are crowned.

Waterdeep, Calimport and Baldur's Gate fight sahuagin and other undesea folk. Waterdeep is also attacked by monsters from Undermountain.

Thay attacks Aglarond once again, with an army of undead.

The War of Gold and Gloom: gold dwarves from the Great Rift reclaim lost Deep Shanatar. Duergar of Dunspeirrin march there as well, and the war sparked between the two armies rages to this day, more or less actively.

The island known as the Ship of the Gods explodes. Tidal waves swamp the Alaor and Bezantur, causing much destruction. Villages in the lowlands of Khem are swept away, but the flood also leaves unexpected things on the land. Mulhorand briefly seizes the Alaor.

”The Abraxus Affair” (Cormyr: A Novel)

The Council of Cordor is disbanded in the midst of a revolt. Unexpectedly, Duke Montgomery reappears and returns to power.

Millenial wards around Winya Ravana fail and the ancient town with its Lifestone reappears atop the Nexus. A group of adventurers fight and defeat the devil who covets the power of the Lifestone. The city secured, most elves on Amia move in to bring it to life again. Settlers also come from Evermeet and Faerûn.

Monsters from the Underdark attack Udos Dro'xun, beneath Cordor. Stingers, beholders, reportedly even dragons, overwhelm the drow defenders. Survivors flee north to establish Ultrinnan, the promised land and the city of Lolth's Victory - ironically enough.

  • 1370 - Year of the Tankard. Velsharoon shifts allegiance from Talos to Azuth

The Manshoon wars; Fzoul gains control over most of the Zhentarim after purging their ranks Manshoon's supporters.

Obould Many-Arrows lays siege on Mithral Hall

Thay attempts to invade Rashemen with boats, but the witches thwarth their efforts. Thayvians then come to conflict with undersea folk as they begin to hunt down those responsible for the damage to Bezantur. Thay manages to retake Alaor from Mulhorand.

The Blackstaff resigns from the Harpers and forms Tel Teukiira

The Shaking Plague spreads in Faerûn, causing victims to spasm and shake uncontrollably. Most victims recover after some months, but some die.

The Sothillisian War breaks out in Amn, an attack lead by two ogre mages and supported by Cyricists.

After years of persistent and stubborn existance as an outpost securing the central tradeway through southern Amia, Fort Bendir is finally expanded into a real village. Thanks to its fortunate location and the hard work of its citizens, the halfling town soon grows prosperous. Randy ”the Blue Hin” becomes the first mayor of Bendir Dale.

  • 1371 - Year of the Unstrung Harp. The Trial of Cyric the Mad. Kelemvor's role as a stern and strict judge is emphasized with renewed vigor, and Mystra no longer keeps magic from evil mortals. (Crucible - knowledge of this would be very limited among mortals.)

Obould and his horde claim parts of the North and establish the Kingdom of Dark Arrows. Alustriel of Silverymoon, together with other northern rulers, forms the League of the Silver Marches to stand against the orcs.

The Sharn Wall fails and phaerimm are freed from beneath Anauroch. Evereska is attacked by the phaerimm and their thralls. Khelben leads and elven relief army there, followed by Laeral with members of the Lords' Alliance in the following year. Elves from Evermeet aid Evereska as well.

Evermeet is attacked by gold elf traitors lead by Kymil Nimesin, accompanied by drow, Nelanther pirates and the Elf-Eater. The Towers of Sun and Moon are destroyed, High Magic is considerably weakened on Toril. Prince Lamruil Moonflower travels far north to establish a hidden elven city, Auseriel. Tree of Souls is supposed to be planted there when the time is right, making it a safe haven for elves.

King Azoun IV and the Devil Dragon Nalavatoryl slay eachother in battle, leaving the infant Azoun V as king. His young aunt Alusair becomes the de facto ruler.

Aglarond and Thay make cautious peace.

Mulhorand invades Unther, beginning the Third Mulhorand Empire. Untherite forces leave Khem and Mulhorandi traders start exploring the island. Red Wizards begin to pour gold and magic to Unthor to oppose Mulhorandi rule.

The Sothillisian Empire is established in Amn, in and around the occupied town of Murann.

The Simbul is sighted on Amia. She convenes in the Tower of Mystra, and later is rumored to have visited Brogendenstein and Kohlingen, who close local Thayvian Enclaves and evict the Red Wizards the night of her visit. As Cordor is about to follow their example, the Thayvians reportedly barricade themselves inside the city orphanage. As a result of Red Wizard, guard and adventurer involvement, what's known as the ”Cordor Orphanage Fire” ensued and children were killed. The Red Wizards were reportedly slaughtered to the last man. The tragedy ignited a persecution of everything Thayvian, and surviving Red Wizards fled, abandoning all enclaves in the region.

  • 1372 - Year of Wild Magic. Bane bursts out of Xvim, reclaiming the Fear portfolio and becoming a greater power after 14 years of absence/death.

City of Shade returns to Faerûn from the Plane of Shadow. Some months later, the island of Tarkuul ascends from the depths.

Shadovars trap the phaerimm surrounding Evereska with a shadowshell. They begin hunting phaerimm in Myth Drannor. Laeral's relief army finally arrives in Evereska. The shadowshell fails, Shades lose the Karsestone and their mythallar is damaged, when Chosen of Mystra attack Shade. Elves and their allies drive the phaerimm out of Evereska in a tenday. The city's mythal is restored. (The Return of the Archwizards)

Cormyr learns that Shadovar are melting the High Ice and crippling the Heartlands. They begin preparations for an attack on Shade. The two armies battle in Tilverton. Vangerdahast, court mage of Cormyr, uses a magic weapon that, due to Shadow Weave influence, destroys Tilverton, leaving nothing but a smoking crater behind.

The Wailing Death in Neverwinter.

Akhlaur and Zalathorm of Halruaa battle eachother. Zalathorm destroys their life-extending magics, killing both, but Zalathorm is resurrected. (The Wizardwar.)

Lolth falls silent. The silence lasts into the next year. During it the Jazered Chaulssin attack drow cities all around. Ched Nasad is destroyed, Menzoberranzan weakened, Eryndlyn fallen to Vhaeraunians and Ghaunadaurians. Maerimydra is fallen to Kiaransaleens, but later destroyed by monsters. In the meantime, drow harass Daggerdale, but adventurers put a stop to it. Lolth finally emerges as a greater deity. (War of the Spider Queen, City of the Spider Queen.)

Deamonfey settle in Myth Glaurach

The Great Seal is broken, and Deep Imaskari spies slowly and discreetly return to the world.

Volcanic eruptions in the Smoking Mountains bury the Citadel of Black Ash under lava.

Tremors beneath the crust of Toril cause massive devastation on the Amian coast. The foundations of Cordor shift, flooding some of the tunnels beneath and creating others. Much of the city itself collapses or tumbles into the sea. The nearby island of Lumorier inexplicably disappears, supposedly sunken or exploded in vulcanic eruptions.

Cordorian gold, persistance and the goodwill of its neighbours enable a tremendous feat: within the year, much Cordor is rebuilt, improved and even expanded. Soon after, Cordor annexes Wharftown for political and military purposes. This is a brief period, and Wharftown regains its independency on good terms with Cordor.

  • 1373 - Year of Rogue Dragons. Sammaster transforms the old Dracorage Mythal, starting a Rage without the appearance of the King-Killer Star. Various dragon attacks ensue, destroying Ylraphon on the Dragon Reach, Trenahess in Cormanthor, a Zhent garrison in Elmwood, and killing summertime inhabitants of Tangled Trees. Abbey of the Just Hammer is damaged, and the Monastery of the Yellow Rose is besieged (but later saved by metallics). Impilturan army in the Grey Forest get in trouble with a raging bronze, a spirit dragon helps them destroy a Cult of the Dragon lair in the forest. Auseriel, the elf settlement, is razed by white dragons. The Tree of Souls is thus returned to Evermeet. Sammaster pretends to be the Witch-King reborn, and attacks into Damara with an orc and giant horde. King Gareth Dragonsbane leads an army in defense, but falls. Eventually, he is resurrected and he drives the enemies away. Sammaster is destroyed, his magic undone and the Rage ends. (The Rage of Dragons)

The Scoured Legion of cambion Kaanyr Vhok try to take Sundabar by siege, but fail

New Tilverton is built in Cormyr, near the old town's dark crater

A Tear of Selûne caused a day-long ecplipse, plummeted into the atmosphere, broke in five flaming pieces and then shattered. This came to be known as the Rain of Fire, percieved as an ill omen

To combat the Pharaoh of Mulhorand and Bane's influence in Unther, high priest Zimrilim animates the corpse of God-King Gilgeam. (The Alabaster Staff)

The mighty dragon Tchazzar returns to life and Toril by the will of Tiamat and wreaks havoc in Chessenta, hunting on other local dragons. He assumes rulership of the city of Cimbar.

Soon after Cordor pulls out, an occupation of a different sort befalls Wharftown: Banites take over, much to the distress of many citizens. The temple of Selûne is desecrated and dedicated to the Black Hand. After the Banites finally pull out from Wharftown, Garth becomes mayor of the hamlet. The temple of Bane is razed to the ground.

Simultaneously – though possibly unconnected - with the Rage, the events of the Wyrmshadow Prophecy unfold on Amia. The Dark Flight attack Kohlingen, and are finally destroyed in Wyrmhold. What was once Stonehold, and home to many kinds of villainy during the years, is now but an abandoned ruin.

After 1374 DR

Note: Here ends canon Forgotten Realms.

  • 1374 DR, Year of Lightning Storms

Lightnings strike all over, meteors rain at some places. Tiamat and Bahamut instruct followers in visions to go to those spots, as there are dragon eggs there.

Sarya Dlardrageth frees deamonfey from Nar Kerymhoarth, the Nameless Dungeon, and starts a war on Evereska and High Forest. Seiveril leads volunteers from Evermeet on a Crusade to help. Silverymoon help. The campaign in High Forest ends in driving the deamonfey out of Myth Glaurach. Elves begin looking for the hiding Fey'ri army. (Last Mythal. Note: only Forsaken House happened.)

Sunlord Daelegoth Orndeir embraces the Risen Sun heresy: that Lathander was once the Netherese god Amaunator, and that his transformation back into that form is nigh. Daelegoth's achievements, such as fighting shades in Karse and dragons of the Smokespire, and miraculously praying for abundant rainfall and bountiful fiends in Eversult, increase the heresy's support signifigantly. The Lathanderite leaders in Waterdeep, Marsember and Ordulin declare that Daelegoth's beliefs are heresy, and threathen him with excommunication. Part of the Order of the Sun Soul support Daelegoth. New converts flock to Eversult, and Daelegoth succesfully casts ”Amaunator's Eternal Sun,” creating a second, miniature sun that never sets over the town.

In Amn, the Council of Six and the Sothillisian empire come to a reluctant truce to defend against Oaxaptuta, beginning the Stinger War.

In midsummer, the creature to be known as Vodak makes its first appearance. Oozes begin to be sighted all across Cordor. Tey soon display the ability to create clones of adventurers slain, and with this power, become an incredible threat. The year is almost over before the matter is solved once and for all, as adventurers descend and find Vodak's mother-cyst ooze, destroying it and breaking its hold over the smaller oozes, which soon fall into disarray and destruction as they become truly mindless once more.

In autumn, Brogendenstein village is destroyed by a rampaging creation of Kraven, the vampire lord. Kraven is destroyed for good, and the dwarven fortress of Barak Runedar is built to watch over the port where the village once stood. The Ruhn Monastery remains above ground, and the Dwarven monks maintain port operations. Much of the surface, however, still bears the marks of destruction from its razing.

  • 1375 DR, Year of Risen Elfkin:

The Battle of the Poisoned Wells: United by an unknown entity, Asabi and Stingers march against Nes'ek, but are vanquised by The Nes'ek Defenders and a motley crew of adventurers.

In Wharftown the Selûnite temple is finally rebuilt, thanks to generous donations from faithful and other adventurers. Wharftown celebates the triumphant return of its longest held faith.

The entity Mylthar is released from its blade-prison by the Drow ranger Valas Claddath. He is released into the bones of the great dragon Imperator, an act which draws him into immediate ire across the isles. Despite Valas' attempts to make things right, his own pride and arrogance get the best of him, and after two failed gambits with the aid of Kohlingen, he turns to Tarkuul for aid. He is ultimately betrayed by the City of Undeath, and Mylthar leaves the island with Valas in his clutches. Neither Mylthar nor Valas are heard from again in the Amian region.

  • 1376 DR, Year of the Bent Blade:

The Day of Revolution in Cordor: The Law Knights, led by Sir Mark Dorne, approach the Duke's Palace. Soon after, they exit the Duke's Palace and proclaim that Duke Montgomery d'Cordor has willingly abdicated his rule over Cordor. In the following week, a provisional government is formed. The Council, the acting provisional government, makes a public promise of free elections, so that the citizens may have their rightful say in who leads the ministries. A Constitution is immediately approved and publicized, giving hope to a lost community that the government can still remain organized with the abdication of the Duke.

Eight months after the Day of Revolution, the South District State Prison is bombed from the sewers. Twenty-something inmates and guards die in the explosion and the collapse, and their names are announced by Hector L. Carton. Included among the dead were Sergeant Verrault and, to the shock of the Commonwealth, Citizen Montgomery d'Cordor, who was being held in the bombed tower. Hector L. Carton posthumously absolves Duke Montgomery of his crimes against the State. He is immediately assumed to have been a target. The culprits, Mynna and Yurioji, are set on the Commonwealth's Most Wanted List.

Talosians appeal to Talos and invite the god to take his vengeance upon Cordor. Collin Reyes invokes powerful magic to block the worst of the storm, and taunts the Storm Lord. Enraged by this hubris, the storm moves on northern Cordor outskirts, unprotected by the city's ward, and lays waste to the farmland.

Centuries old wards shatter in Ankh'remun in Khem, causing the desert to be engulfed in eternal night as undead ravage the region led by a mysterious cleric named "Zan'thun". Nes'ek is destroyed in the war that ensues, but adventurers manage to penetrate his lair and destroy the source of his power, bringing an end to his reign just as it reaches its first peak.

The Black Caravan begins making appearances on Amia.

A palpable curtain of "static" manifests over the Realms, blocking all divination magic, and preventing foresight into past, present, and future, as well as all sorts of scrying and remote vision and sensory magic. This issue persists through much of the next year.

  • 1377 DR, Year of the Haunting:

In Cordor, Minister of Law Hector L. Carton falls ill. Minister of Magic Collin Reyes leaves the island of Amia, gathering magicians for a research team for the Ministry of Magic. Johnathin Leohnard. Minister of Health and Public Welfare, is found dead behind the Commonwealth Center, a great gash cut into his chest. He is assumed to have been an adventurer.

An ancient relic, a chalice marked with symbols of Mystra, falls into the hands of the Mystran Weave Knights. Sharrans seek the object and during the many arcane battles that ensue the Monolith in Ruathym is nearly completely destroyed. The "Nightmaster", the Sharran sect leader, tricks the Weave Knights into nearly completing a devastating ritual, however he is slain before his plans bear fruit and both the Chalice and the Weave return to safety.

The lands of Winya Ravana are invaded by ogres, lizardmen and beastmen during what would later become known as the War of Trampled Leaves. While the war is relatively brief, it's incredibly bloody. Hundreds upon hundreds of monsters are slain in the by the besieged elves and their allies of Kohlingen. The war ends after a series of precise military strikes which eliminate the enemy leaders and splinter the horde of monsters.

The Thayvian Menace returns, and gets publically thrashed by the Commonwealth.

One Year after the Day of Revolution, Joseph Maximillian delivers the first State of the Commonwealth Speech. In it, he openly declares war on the adventuring community, and proclaims the necessity for Certificates of Citizenship, if the Provisional Government is to make good on its promise of providing free elections.

Caravan tensions hit a head. The Kelemvorite Temple and Benwick Hollow is attacked resulting in the destruction of the Kelemvorite Temple. Following, the Eternal Order moves to the island of Khem and begins to establish a new temple there, under the watchful eye of Si'neela, the local Dawnbringer.

BLACK commits terrorist activities until their leader, Richard Johnson, is captured by a knight of Wiltun and delivered to Cordor. He is placed on trial, and summarily found guilty and sentenced to execution.

Collin Reyes is assassinated upon his return to a seagull. Terrified of the implications, Joseph Maximillian delivers a paranoid edict: that all seagulls are to be bolted and murdered in the streets. Corpses litter the streets as the birds are executed left and right.

After Reyes's death, a troubling curtain that has disrupted and muffled the divinations of mages and priests alike for some months is apparently lifted. Divinations yield results again.

  • 1378 DR, Year of the Cauldron:

Amia forest is thrown into turmoil: an overpopulation of non-predators shake the forest's ecosystem. Foreign predators are introduced, but prove to be too efficent. Many of the immigrants wander off or are slain. Finally, the Kossuthan Circle of Six comes to deliver judgement. The forest is considered fine for now, but the Circle stays to keep watch.

The Black Caravan makes a resurgence, and immediate clashes with the Church of Bane and the Eternal Order of Kelemvor cause the Caravan to issue another edict of war. It later rescinds it's war declaration against the Kelemvorites, however, due to provocations by the Banites, it maintains hostility, and eventually takes the upper snowy portion of the Skull Crags by force, collapsing the mountain on top of the temple after a lengthy siege. The Banites scatter and their influence wanes for a time.

Lady Si'neela shocks most of Orthodox Lathandry by announcing that she supports the Risen Sun Heresy. Despite this claim, due to her work in the region, and the already high levels of respect for her work, much of the Lathanderans remain in her flock, with only a few leaving for greener pastures.

In the wake of the Ankh'remun disasters, a powerful Minotaur bands together the local Minotaur clans and presses the Stinger tribes, and even a Brown Dragon into his service, and unleashes attack after attack on the small settlement. He is eventually beaten back by adventures and slain. Many of his and the dragon's body parts are claimed by the adventurers as trophies, and Lady Si'neela awards each adventurer that helped keep the settlement safe.

In the wake of the Black Caravan's movements on the Skull Crags, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse also leave the region. Theyare not seen for some time, until their men and scouts are sighted in the far flung north of the Frozenfar. In a lightning bid, they claim the town of Chillwyck under their protection and erect patrols and keeps around the area. A tense cold war erupts between Endir's Point and their new neighbors, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

  • 1379 DR, Year of the Lost Keep

House Shadowflame, long a facet of nobility and recognition on Amia, goes through internal collapse. A dragon-kin claiming to be the blood grandson of Charming-Cyn Shadowflame, the Draconic founder of the House, leads the guards in a bloody riot after the reigning leader Enelya announces disdain for all chromatic-kin. The guardsmen promptly abandon their posts, and then, taking advantage of an empty house as the remaining Shadowflames searched for the rebel Dragonkin, moved back in, slaughtered any loyalists, and prepared for a long reign. Old House Shadowflame returned home as well, but not without unofficial aid from Kohlingen's Knights, as well as Druids. After a bloody war, the rebels were slain to the man, leaving Old House Shadowflame broken and battered, and the physical house marred and destroyed. Enelya led the remnants out of the demiplane, and the group travelled to Cariagh, staking a claim on a rocky mountain cliff. Little has been heard from since, ending an era of well known Draconic dominance.

The Green Lake of Amia Forest drains away, revealing a massive mahcine that begins to wreak havoc on the Amian Islands, as well as releasing a contingent of devilish Orcs that give credence to rumors that Terzaroch, the archdevil who sealed away Winya Ravana, and was defeated to free to Elven City, may have returned. A flurry of political (and more blade-edged) diplomacy ensues around the island as Winya and other establishments clash over what is to be done with a series of Elven artifacts that appear to control the machine, colloquially known as "The Undoer". It is nigh the end of the year before the situation is resolved ad the artifacts returne d to Winya Ravana... but not before the Undoer appears to have disappeared entirely, along with any marauding orcs. Terzaroch himself fails to make any grand appearance, and the rumors soon cease as the tongue waggling of doomsayers.

The Black Caravan collapses from the inside, with dissatisfied employees murdering the owner of the company, Boss Sil'yer (who was revealed to have been a red dragon in disguise), in her sleep. The new owner of the Black Caravan, Yuri Los'den, gives public apology to all affected due to the dragon's schemes, and takes the Black Caravan, departing from the isles, and is not seen again.

Remounting strength after a quiet buildup, the Banite Church on the Amian Islands commences a quiet, silent takeover of Guldorand, abusing the towns resources to quickly construct a castle keep along treacherous cliffs on the mountainside of the island. When the Keep is finished the Church begins a deadly expansion of this power, taking over the entirety of the Skull Crags, and even clashing with druids as their power threatens to extend towards the center of the island.

Plague and disaster destroys the Drow City of Ultrinnan in the Amian Underdark, cultivating in massive destruction that renders the city flattened as if by Lolth's anger Herself. The Drow city is wiped out nearly to the man, but scattered remains escape and recollect themselves in the mainland underdark, far from the island of Amia, and found the settlement of Edonil. Almost immediately, the come into conflict with the nearby trade city of L'Obsul. After brief posturing, the two settlements find an uneasy truce.

Goblins and Kobolds in the Frontier north of Cordor begin to wage war on each other, a combat based on territorial expansion needs. The combat is bloody and stalemated, with no real victor. However, this benefits the nearby farmlands and frontiers: Attacks on Cordor lessen as the beasts turn on each other, with the kobolds seeking to claim the numberous caves and underpasses in the West for Warrens and the Goblins seeking to claim the already mined out cave complexes of te Kobolds for their own use.

The Great Vampire Count, Lord Morteguarde, is released from his island prison by unwitting adventures. He begins a reign of terror as he swoops about the island, freeing several members of his coven. Kohlingen and the Mystran Monolith in Ruathym come under especial attack. Several well known adventurers become turncoats, and serve Morteguarde's cause, enabling him to win key victories, and nearly allowing him to destroy the Monolith in its entirety. Fights break out between factions over the ownership of "The Regalia", several items belonging to Count Morteguarde in his life, with several rumored uses.

The small coastal village of Actand is rocked by the appearance of a Cult claiming to worship "The Rider Beyond". The cult is quickly squashed by Kohlingen Knights, but their reputation is tarnished as the Knights refuse to allow the small village to enact its own justice on the perpetrators.

The War Knights, led by tactician Calin Katar, as well as official help from Kohlingen's navy, the Triadic Knights, the Eternal Order of Kelemvor, the Lathanderan Dawnguard, the Druids of Amia Forest, and several over factions and free lance mercenaries take part in a week long siege of the Banite Keep in the mountains. Thanks heavily in part to the siege weaponry of the Eternal Order, and Kohlingen's Navy, the Banite Keep is overwhelmingly crushed. Defense is to the last man, and the keep's stones are shoved into the ocean, and the bridge to the keep shattered. Bane's influence on the island wanes once more.

  • 1380 DR, Year of the Blazing Hand

At the beginning of the year, elections are held in Cordor to fulfill the position of Johnathin Leonhard, the Miraculous Ressurected, who had, for the second time, taken a departure from the Commonwealth. In the race between Xaviera Xuider Xee, and Dr. Karse Ignoma, Xaviera wins, and she is taken in with loud applause, becoming the new Minister of Health and Public Welfare.

An impressive coalition led by the Mystran Monolith breaks into the island prison of Count Morteguarde, now covnerted into a collosal fortress to the Vampire Lord, after Morteguarde drapes the region in a supposedly eternal eclipse. Four of the Coven, including Morteguarde, are laid to rest permanently. Two escape, but nonetheless, the eclpise lifts, and with Morteguarde's death, the threat is deemed destroyed and celebration commences.

The Rider Beyond, his avatar not fully destroyed, returns. He makes overtures to several of the dark factions of the island, and with their help, his fiendish army storms the Seventh Layer of Hell, annihilating Baalzebul. There are whispers of quiet aid from Asmodeus as The Rider Beyond ascends to the Throne of the Seventh, becoming the new Lord of Maladomini.

The Blight of Caraigh erupts violently, taking the town of Ceyren's Mill by storm. After a brief defense, Ceyren's Mill evacuates, and that night is overrun by the demonic taint of Caraigh. Whispers of Orcus' cult taking over are the main talk of the island. Lord Arsant Wiltun is beseeched for his help on the beseiged inlet, but declines, claiming that his only help will come if he is taking over the island himself. The defenders move themselves to the Asylum, one of the last places on Caraigh not damned by the Taint of Caraigh, outside of the ruined Druid's Grove.

Forrstakkr finds itself under attack as the Blood War briefly surges to the prime to claim "a Child" prophecized to give ultimate power to the Abyss. A short and bloody conflict breaks out, culminating in the kidnapping of several famous adventurers. However, the adventurers quietly return some time later, with little explanation, and without much fanfare, the Blood War is gone as quickly as it came.

A beautiful aurora appears over Cordor, and stretches over the length of the island, extending to the northeast. It goes across the sea, where it meets with the lone Mystran monolith in the ocean. When it comes into contact wiht the Monolith, the Aurora abruptly disappears.... as does the Monolith of Mystra. The few remaining member sof the Monolith Guild take refuge in Kohlingen.

Cordor erupts into a frenzy at the Second State of the Commonwealth Speech. Evidence is flung on both sides of the podium, culminating in an impassioned speech by Nevaeh Tarvencia, Captain of the Adventuring Guard. This causes Joseph Maximillian to make several declarations, with the end result being an enflamed demand for the Captain to "Arrest the Harpers for crimes against the Commonwealth". The Captain declines, and Minister Xaviera makes an attempt to stall the decision and pull the Council to discussion. It happens on the spot, and an anxious, nervous Elijah Cromwell demands his right to private counsel before rendering a decision. The two ministers successfully stall the decision, and the criminally accused walk free of the city. The charges are later rescinded on lack of evidence.

Before, during, and in the wake of these events in Cordor, the magical institution known as the Arcanum comes under heavy public attack from the faces of the Mystran Monolith, with official backing from the city of Kohlnigen. Political relations become strained. Immediately. Public backlash varies, and minister Xaviera and Captain Tarvencia are publically seen making statements against various actions of the Arcanum, who are quickly linked as being the entirety of Cordor's Ministry of Magic.

The issues on Caraigh worsen, and come to a head, with a massive combat taking place at the steps of Castle Blackmoor itself. During the conflict, a massive explosion rocks the castle, and when the smoke clears, it has vanished. Both sides, Cultist and Defender, claim victory in the conflict. It becomes clear that the war for Caraigh has, in a way, just begun. As i you prove that, Lord Wiltun finally moves in, quickly securing the southern portion of Caraigh with his forces... but as for whose side he is on, no one can say.

Faerûn post-1373:

Mulhorand's complete conquest of Unther is still delayed by low-level skirmishing around the realm and the persistent resistance in Messemprar. Tchazzar has cemented his rule of Chessenta.

After some inconclusive but bloody battles, the Kingdom of Dark Arrows and the Silver Marches have settled into an unofficial, uneasy truce. While orc bands occasionally skirmish with the Argent Legion, King Obould seems content to stabilize his orcish kingdom and prepare for a long reign – amazingly enough.

Amaunator does not return as swiftly as some expected,. Over the next few years after Daelegoth's miracles, many repenting heretics return to orthodox Lathanderism. The Risen Sun cult remains strong, however, and the Eternal Sun over Eversult gives reason for doubt: are the heretics right, is Amaunator coming after all? Lathander's church is still in internal turmoil. Tension, suspicion and uncertainty hang in the air.

After the High Forest campaign, some elves return to Evermeet. Many stay on Faerûn to garrison Myth Glaurach and wait for a chance to confront the Fey'ri once and for all. Occasional skirmishes between elves and deamonfey occur over the next few years, a prolonged state of guerilla war. A visible elven presence has returned to Faerûn, but they are spread out thin and, in a sense, weaker than ever. Since its losses during Nimesin's betrayal and the Crusade, Evermeet has become reclusive and paranoid. After the phaerimm and Fey'ri attacks, Evereska is far from the peak of their power, either.

Cormyr continues to have troubles with Shade Enclave. Having lost their king and the stern watch of Vangerdahast, some nobles have become bolder and more independent. Azoun V is soon to be of age, however, and the Steel Regent Alusair rules the land with determination and skill. The citizens are as proud as ever to be Cormytes, and have worked together to lift the nation back on its feet.