Bahamut's Wing

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Bahamut's Wing

Bahamut's Wing is the opposing force of the Dark Flight of Tiamat. They are a group of Metallic dragons though only two remain alive today.

Justice [Deceased]:

If ever a virtuous dragon existed, Justice, the Silver Dragon, was it. Named for the virtue itself, Justice is one of Bahamut's Draconic Paladins. Previously lairing in a hidden on the north side of Brogendenstein, he is helpful, eternally calm, and always friendly, to those who would share his views. To evil creatures, he is the stuff of nightmares, his immense silver body, and silver-crowned frill, along with large beating wings, signalling death to those who would dare harm the innocent in his presence. His body and scales are relatively unmarred, and only the scars from his battle with Sleet are visible on his visage. He gives off an entrancing aura, one that says "I will help you. No matter the cost." A lengthy tail and graceful neck finish off his portrait of glory. His last great action was slaying Sleet, the white dragon. His final resting place is just north of Uhm. Slain by the sorcerous dragon Myrk, he will grace the skies no longer.

Imperator [Deceased]:

Long hidden, even from his friends, Imperator has almost always assumed the disguise of a soldier in the Justicar's Everguard. Recently exposed, the Platinum Dragon has gone to the fore in leading the attack against the flight itself, leaving the defense of Kohlingen to the Justicar and the Defenders. He is incredibly old, but his body is... nearly flawless. Marred only by time, and not battle, his scales shimmer in the sun, and it's easy to see how he earned the title of Platinum. Easily distinguished, even from a silver dragon, Imperator stands well over even the tallest metallic dragon on the island, with a long graceful neck, and a smooth snaking tail. Lithe, sinewy, powerful muscles ripple along his body, and his claws are silver-tipped in color. If a smile was possible along those powerful jaws, you'd swear he was wearing one constantly. At the final battle of Wyrmhold, Imperator was slain by Infernus, but granted a second chance at life by Bahamut himself, who allowed the mighty Platinum to return as a Draconic Spirit Guardian, so that he might forever watch over Kohlingen.


Rockhopper is a Copper dragon. A tremendous lover of stories and practical jokes, he is the least powerful of the Metallic flight. His copper scaled body glints in the sunlight, and he always seems to be perpetually laughing at something or other. Jovial, good natured, and all around a "decent guy", he is also fascinated with Elves and their culture, and spends much of his time polymorphed into one. Sadly, his less than stellar battle prowess nearly spelled his death in the last great wyrmclash. The Green and Red dragons of the Flight paired up, and very nearly killed him. He was forced to dive into the She-Kat Valley and go into hiding in the Oakmist Vale. His current location is the keep in Kohlingen, where he spends his days chatting away and telling stories with anyone who will listen, either in Elf form or Dragon form. He has since returned to the Grove since the final battles at Kohlingen and Wyrmhold.


Morningdew is a Brass dragon. Talkative, energetic, lover of people all around. She is an incredible information gatherer, and serves as spy and scout for the Wings of Bahamut. Retrieved from her place in Cordor, she now resides in Kohlingen, nursing her wounds after a powerful display by Deepeningdoom nearly rent her limb from limb. In her dragon form, her brassy body almost glows in the sunlight, the plates on her head reflecting the light back ino the sky. Her body now contans several deep scars, and her tail slinks along to the side, the tip cut off thanks to a lasting injury in the last Wyrm-War. She is a singer, a bard among bards,a truly gifted vocalist of the dragons. However, she's also chattery, stubborn to a fault, and a little arrogant when she feels she's been slighted in a situation. You likely don't want to be on her bad side, because dragons live a looong time, and she is most definately a grudge holder. Good friends with Rockhopper, she often spends her time with him chatting the day away. She has since returned to Cordor since the final battles at Kohlingen and Wyrmhold.

Arcanos [Deceased]:

The mysterious Gold dragon of the Flight. Wise and ancient beyond any member of the Wings but Bahamut himself, he has long been in hiding beyond the eyes of any dragon on the island. Little is known about him, and it is said only Morningdew may have clues as to his whereabouts. Though those whereabouts will now only lead to a resting place. Slain by Deepeningdoom, Arcanos the Gold will never rejoin his brethren.


- The Wyrmshadow Prophecy